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Did you remove the Simulor's 'gravity well' feature? Or am I experiencing a glitch?

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When I first got the Simulor from the Sanctuary and used it, I thought it was a very strange weapon. It took some getting used to; I had no idea it was automatic, for example, and was shooting the gravity orbs one at a time. But eventually I got the hang of it, and after some modding, I figured it would be a good 'zone defense' kind of weapon, since it could be used to basically block approaches to a defense point or to just frustrate a stream of enemies rushing from one direction steadily.

Today, after the update though, the orbs didn't merge. Well, they *did* merge, but they seemed to have lost the ability to expand into the larger 'gravity well' effect that had made them so useful for zone defense. I had to run around shooting, then detonating the orbs, which quite frankly was kind of annoying and often had me pressing the crouch button instead in the heat of battle, then wondering why I was crawling around.

I eventually... more or less... got the hang of it. I also noticed that once in a while, the orbs WOULD form that gravity well effect, though it seemed completely random and didn't happen often. Am I experiencing a glitch or did the weapons functionality get changed to something else? If you changed it, I would appreciate you changing it back. As it was, the Simulor was useful mainly at stopping hordes of enemies with CC effects... and not much else. Defense missions, maybe survival missions. Possibly mobile defense or interception. But it's limited range and fire rate were compensated by being able to cover an area with a gravity well that stopped masses of enemies. Removing that has basically made the weapon more trouble to use than it's really worth... and it had kinda grown on me... at least for those uses.

If the gravity well has been removed, then I would suggest making the orbs you fire explode after a small delay and getting rid of the 'detonation' feature of having to press a second button to explode them. This would make the weapon a bit more useful and allow a player to lay a string of them as they run around, improving the pacing of play while using the weapon.

To be honest though, I think the former ability of being able to create gravity wells was fine and made the weapon good for the reasons listed previously.

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