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K-Drive usable in different way.

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From the beginning of Fortuna K-drives were useless for me, because there is archwing.
Saw the newest devstream about making K-drives useful and I just made a quick thoughts on it.

1.Make K-drives equipable in ALL missions, I don't see a point of restricting them only to open worlds. It's a nice difference beetwen archwings and for the more points down below.
a)Make them equipable with Operators, I know that they have void dash but it would be nice to make them use something.

2.Make sprinting for Warframes and operators default, no longer need to hold sprint key to run.

3. While holding sprint key K-drive appear while running and your Warframe/operator step on it without any stop, just still moving smoothly forward and you are on K-drive, but it's a different K-drive equipment that works differently, let's call his "Quick K-drive mode" (explained below). So K-drives become a new sprint key which is faster sprinting. Pressing once or tapping sprint key still makes roll.
How this works?:
a)You can still equip your K-drive as it is now to make tricks and some other stuff.
b)Equiping K-drive with sprint key don't allow you to do tricks, it works as melee 2.9/3.0 any action with auto unequip this K-drive mode:
        -Pressing shift, make immediately roll and unequiping K-drive.
        -shoting will unequip "Quick K-drive mode"
        -aiming will unequip "Quick K-drive mode"
        -melee attack will unequp "Quick K-drive mode"
       -Slide right now have no idea : P
       -Jump will do higher jump and unequip "Quick K-drive mode"
       -Holding jump will charge up higher jump and unequip "Quick K-drive mode"
So almost any action that is not standard moving around or sprinting will unequip "Quick K-drive mode"

4.Each K-drive have it's own 4 abilities just like Warframes, so you can have additional 4 new abilities by just sprinting and entering "Quick K-drive mode".
I like the way how we can quickly go into operator mode and do something different, so having quick K-drive access with new possibilities would add even MORE possibilities : D
So what kind of abilities? there can be done several ideas, but to show it up here is an CC example type of ability:

Of course all can be changed depending on what DE is going to do with that. Maybe I'm missing something, or maybe someone will get a better idea from this one.

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1 minute ago, peterc3 said:

They aren't made for the old tiles. The old tiles aren't made with them in mind.

In all fairness they weren't made with bullet jumping or coptering in mind either, but we still made those work to our advantage. That said I do believe we wouldn't be able to make any sort of meaningful positive use of k-drives in regular missions unless we ran with nothing but the k-drive damage mods equipped, and those do vastly subpar damage anyway, so it wouldn't serve any point.

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