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[PC] MR22 Looking for a friendly clan

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Hey! I'm Solrot, a returning MR22 after a few months break and I'd like to join a clan. Basically the only thing that I want is a friendly and active community to do basic things (bounties, sorties, eidolon hunting...).

I'm from Europe if that helps. I can also use Discord if required 🙂

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Hello, Solrot!

I think you would love the community we have at Eternal Aegis. We have an admission requirement of MR 12+ and an inactivity policy of 15 days, so there are always members online and many able/willing to do bounties, sorties, eidolons, etc.

We are also strictly non-toxic and prohibit any sexism, racism, discussions of politics, or anything obscene in general.


If you would like to find out more about our clan you can check out our official warframe forum group or contact me directly.



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