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My K-drive can't level up!


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I have a K drive that is basically permanently stuck at level 20. Any time I go onto the plains or orb vallis, and try any stunts, the exp will go directly into the naramon focus.

It was purchased shortly after the initial release of fortuna and was leveled up to 30, where I put a focus lens onto it. As I gained reputation with the ventkids, I bought mods and decided to use forma on it to fit in more mods. Then I leveled it up to 20. And then I forgot about it.

With the semi-recent update to K-drives I tried to level it up to 30 again, but it won't gain any affinity for leveling it up. It's just stuck at 20 and whenever it gains exp of any type (doing stunts/doing races), it treats the k-drive as max rank and sends it directly to naramon focus.

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I have faced a similar problem. The only difference is that my K-drive is stuck at level 0. The mission results table indicates that my K-drive has max rank, although in the arsenal it is shown unranked. It was polarised and upgraded with focus lens.

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