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Warframe should make battle royal too

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Everything comes to an end.  Not forecasting nor wishing doom upon the game I have over 3500 hours on.  Just thinking towards the end 

Not sure how the Old War will shape this concept....but an all out faction battle royal.  not Battle Royale.  

Put every boss and some of their henchman on a battlefield, with 8 Tenno...and let em go at it.  Forget the Bombards.  

I'm talking an all out fight for supremacy in the solar system.  In this corner we've got every Corpus boss, in this corner all the Grineer.  Over here we've got Mutualist Alad V and Lephantis.  And 8 Tenno.

Not a raid, just an absolute free for all with the toughest bosses (poor Sarge) in the Warframe universe.  Just for a month or so.  One last hurrah.  

"Did Sargus Ruk just drop the Jackal?"  Put some of that warframe boss fight spin on it...fun for the whole family.

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On 2019-04-07 at 8:16 AM, dr-gon said:

like pubg or fortnite and other

DE aren't going to waste the time and resources to cater to 1% of the player base.

In fact they confirmed during a recent dev stream that BR is not going to appear in the game. They are instead going to create a PvP race mode.


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How many battle royales does this world need?

I strongly believe that DE should look into fixing their instanced PVP. I played Firefall back in the day and that was alright. I’m positively sure that DE can make it much more enjoyable and rewarding.

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Hello everyone and DE how u going ?

Well since the game became super boring and grinding as always and the game's getting worse and vet always leave, a good idea came to my head ....

well this idea is known already and exists in most of games now and lots of players love it and those games have tons of fans and players and they enjoy it and I said why don't you DE put it in the game and maybe Warframe could rise again so the idea is :

Battle Royal in Warframe 

Since Warframe is about PVE but some will say wait it's PVP too !! Well I know but mainly it's PVE and PVP no one plays it cuz it sucks so how about we split the game in half and make real PVP ( Battle Royal ) ?? Yes I know of course it will take long time but results will be stunning I guess but not stunning cuz its ( Battle Royal ) but due to the gameplay that you might create in it UNLIKE ---> Current PVP , you gotta like put a whole Efficient gameplay so players don't get bored example like : CS GO if you paid attention the game's global and everyone gone mad about it and sitll same as other games so a huge suspense could be created in it to rise player's enthusiasm by placing strong sound effects including the way my opponent dies makes me feel excited and of course you enrich some new ideas in this Battle Royal to make yourself unique especially between all other Sci-Fiction games so like ( What ?? A Battle Royal in a Sci-Fiction Game ? Never seen something like that ) ..

Beside you can make us use skills in Battle Royal so when we start the game all skills will be disabled unless I took some stuff like Energy to active them  and healing system and weird things could be satisfying to do ... So see excitement ??

So Finally I hope this idea y'all like it and also DE hopes he likes it and please guys tell me what do you think about this idea . Thank You

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Once again, let us remind you the existance of the "SEARCH" function just under your profile pic on the Forums. 

This awfull idea was proposed dozens if not hundreds of times already, and the answer was, is and will always be NO.

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What is this driving need to make all games the same game?

Is it the extroverts that simply cannot play a game unless 'everyone' is playing?

Is it the control freaks that just need to make everyone play 'the right way'?

Is it peer pressure and an inability to do something different from the herd?

I just don't get it.

Why not let each game be it's own game and not waste resources on making all games the same game?

If you like a game, go play, please do not try and make every other game into that game, thanks.


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