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Plains of Eidolon Remaster: Hotfix 24.7.1

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4 minutes ago, Mr.SpookSpook said:

Nice. Now how about you guys increase the spawn rate for Wolf so we can actually benefit from the slightly increased drop chances?
Only met him 3 times since NW started, and I tried a LOT.

Yes please, and make it so that his chances to spawn increase with each Fugitives you capture too.

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11 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Swapped mentions of PRIMARY/SECONDARY to ACTIVE/INACTIVE, and MAKE PRIMARY to ACTIVATE in the Focus manager UI screen.

That was long overdue but all the more appreciated for it. No more confusion to people new to the focus system! ❤️

On an entirely different topic, I hope that sometime soon there'll be a fix for Tusk Thumpers suddenly teleporting out of map range. I just spent a few hours on the plains and it keeps happening (70% of the time), mostly to Bull and Doma varieties. The regular ones seem fine, but that might have been luck.

It'd also be amazing to allow dual energy colours for Sentinels. 😄

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Thanks for the fixes!

The codex entries for the PoE conservation animals are still quite buggy though. Like scans not counting, animals having the same entry multiples times. etc.


Also, I just found my very first Orb Vallis Somachord a few days ago while doing some conversation. I didn't even know those existed until I looked it up. 7 songs that need 4 scans each in order to be unlocked, and there's only 1 fragment per session that can be randomly anywhere in the Vallis? I've seen maps people have made for where potential fragment spawn points might be, but really, that's too much. Maybe decrease the number of scans required, make more spawns, or have them spawn in the same places each time? Looking for a needle in a haystack is not fun gameplay. At least with other kinds of fragments, you can find them along while doing your normal mission objectives, but spending hours scouring the Orb Vallis to maybe find (or more likely, maybe not find) those somachord fragments is rather disheartening for the people who do want all the somachord songs.

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Found a bug with Stradavar Prime: 
1. Shoot till you have 1 bullet in your mag;
2. Switch to Semi so it starts a reload (because it uses 2 bullets to shoot);
3. Switch back to Auto to cancel reloading animation;
4. (Optional) Spam switching mode button to annoy everyone on the map (yes, it can be heard anywhere) and drop tons of pancake mags.

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16 minutes ago, Senguash said:

Thanks for the hotfix

Gotta ask though, are y'all fr about that 2% drop chance for the wolf mask?

I'm having enough fun with the ephemeras xd

I don't mind that they're hard to get, my problem is it's a lottery.

1.01% droprate from round 8 ESO is not the kind of rng you counter with persistence.

My luck got turned up to 11 and me and my bud immediately got the mask, but I haven't gotten any of the non-exploiter ephemera yet.

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