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Please, revert dojo decorations changes! New trees look terrible!

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I've just visited my dojo... and it's a pure nightmare!
I spent days for decorating, and now at least half of my creations is totally broken. NEW TREES DON'T FIT OLD COMPOSITIONS! New trees are smaller, aren't so lush as old ones, have different coloration.. I don't even want to go to several gardens made of silver maple trees (with SILVER MAPLE TREES in mind!), because they look terrible now. Our spawn hall and laboratory hall are broken too. All trees look sick, lighting is too bright, shadows and fireflies disappeared...
I like new PoE trees and I wanted to use them in dojo, but I didn't want them to appear everywhere instead of trees I placed!

Why, DE?! You gave us opportunity to create beautiful things, you gave us dojo decoration contest to show our creations... and now you just destroyed all! WHY???...





And I don't even want to know how this garden looks now...
I didn't go there...
I'm scared...


PLEASE, revert these changes! 
Make the new trees optional and give us back the old ones!

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