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Ideas for Atlas

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Atlas's deluxe has dropped, and I think it's safe to safe that Atlas Prime is coming.

The power of Atlas's idea is pretty epic, unfortunately he's no match for other frames such as Chroma, Oberon, Revenant, or Gara.



Over the past couple of years, I've played Ash as my main warframe, but when I finally got around to getting atlas I found I really enjoyed him on the whole.

Though there were some things that I didn't enjoy, the fashionframe was good (Atlas Monolith Skin) and the concept of a Earth warframe was sick, along with the rubble actually showing on the warframe. (I would like to see all of Atlas covered in rock, though that will come later)

I have a few ideas that could possibly make him more of a match for other warframes. These are just my ideas, each player has their own recommendations and ideas of fun.

Although Atlas is godly in Conclave, and his first is awesome, his other abilities don't really help him into Tier 3.



1. Landslide

This ability is pretty good, building off of every mod in the arsenal.

I just had a small idea to possibly make it more fun.

When activating the ability, Atlas launches himself at the targeted enemy and hits them with a fistful of rock.

My idea is that when the ability is activated and held, the ability works like normal, but after the punch, (with the ability still being held) atlas sends the enemy flying.


2. Tectonics

This ability is pretty sick, I would really enjoy a bit more Health in the wall and dmg when rolling it. Also be able to make the wall larger with range.


3. Petrify

This ability is pretty cool, however it is incredibly hard to fossilise enemies AND get rubble from them, because in missions like Hydron or Sorties other players kill things so fast you haven't got an opportunity to kill them, or even finish petrifying them. I would really enjoy it if they made this ability channelled, and then you can run around normally so we didn't have to constantly spam it to get more rubble. Also I would love it if they made it that anyone could kill the petrified enemies this would make it so much more smoother as you can build your rubble count much easier.


4. Rumblers

I think its safe to say that this is Atlas's worst ability, he simply slams the ground and summons two little golems to try and kill stuff around him.



This is where I have really thought about atlas could shine.

Summoning two small rumblers isn't a great ability. Even with his augment making them into one larger rumbler.

But how about involving the rubble mechanic further into this ability.

My idea:

Atlas slams the ground, summoning two rumblers, and channelling into the ground and drawing rubble out of the ground.

This channelling exchanges energy for rubble. This would be pretty dull if it just filled up the rubble counter, so as he channels energy, he continuously builds rubble, and when the rubble wheel is full, Another wheel appears outside of the first one. This constantly happens, creating more and more rubble wheels, giving him more and more and more rubble armour (Also possibly more rubble appearing on his body). And while all this is happening, atlas's rumblers protect him. (Possibly with every kill the rumblers get, atlas gains more rubble while channelling)

This continues until atlas runs out of energy or the ability gets deactivated and when the channeling stops, Atlas stands as a rock golem himself.

Now every ability uses rubble instead of energy.

With tens of thousands of rubble armour, abilities using this rubble, in this golem form Atlas's armour doesn't degrade by itself, if it did your armour would be gone too soon.

You can still use your weapons, but you would be much slower with all this armour (every ability has a downside 🙂).

There could also be a bit of an addition on the end, when activating the fourth with all the rubble, your outer-most wheel dissipates and you send rock shards flying out in all directions, dealing the armour stored in that wheel as damage, and when it comes into contact with allies it gives them a bit more armour.


If you got through all this, I congratulate you.

I also thank you for taking the time to read these ideas, and give all your feedback below! 🙂

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