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Plains conservation bugs Condor in the ground, unable to 'call for recovery by pressing x'

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So after Rebecca pointed out that this is more bug reporting than feedback, and I am awake enough now to realize this. Fortunately or unfortunately I haven't been able to reproduce these bugs, they've all been one off so far.

Bug 1 - entire team was unable to hit 'call for recovery by pressing x' on a downed condor earlier. 

Bug 2 - Called a condor, it spawned on the ground, and was flying stationary, in the ground. I don't mean beneath it mind you, I mean it was stuck in the surface of the earth. Eventually it seemed to be flung into the air, and fly away leaving us behind.


Bug 3 - probably host migration related, we had just changed hosts, and went to another place to find tracks, no tracks spawned there after hitting x on the pile. Like I looked for a good minute to make sure I wasn't just blind.


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