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[Fan Lore]Origins of the Krieg Order. Part 2.

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Once more onto the breach, dear friends

Council of the Executors, entry unknown. The Zariman Catastrophe.

- These void fiends are no longer children! They need to be disposed of, they pose too great of a threat to the Seven! - Executor Boros was enraged by the calamity that became of the Zariman Project. - It is your doing, Zdrekka! And what has become of your Warframe Project, Executor Ballas?! Another waste of our resources!
- There were minor setbacks in containment of the Technocite virus, but the research... - Ballas was desperate to defend his work from the Council.
- How dare you talk to me so crudely, Boros?! Accusing ME of treason?! Let me remind you!.. - Zdrekka has lost his temper alongside Boros.
- First you send these children into the Void, and now you want to slaughter them like animals?! Have you lost your mind?! - yet again Archimedean Margulis tried her best to protect these children. This project was a mistake from the very start and now these Executors want to cut off the threads that might lead to another uprising.

- Enough! You won't solve this problem by bickering! - Krieg intervened in the argument. - But I'm with Margulis, we cannot just kill them, they have seen the void, drank from it's currents. They survived the slaughterhouse that was Zariman Ten-Zero, and now these Ten-O are but sheathed blades, dulled by events, yet hardened by the Void.
- Exactly! - Margulis has finally heard what she wanted to hear. Someone to support her desire to protect the children. - Didn't you want to bolster your army, Zdrekka? Or would you kill your own son just to cover your tracks? Let these children to prove themselves. - "Let them live!" At this point the Council was already thinking on how they would use the children of Zariman Ten-Zero.
- Yes, there is a certain possibility i want to explore regarding these "Tenno" and their Void powers. - Ballas was thinking at the peak of his abilities, yet he could not find the solution. Perhaps Zdrekka's son....
- Let us vote then. Those who wish to give the Tenno a chance, stand. - Verion said and stood. Krieg, Ballas and others followed suit. Zdrekka hesitated, yet stood too. This will not look good on his profile, his career is hanging in a fragile balance.
- Thus, we are to let the Zariman survivors live and explore their powers.

Krieg's Headquarters, Venus Orbit.

Executor Krieg was wary of the possibility that the Council might've voted for killing the Zariman children, so he hid Zdrek'nunos away in his headquarters to shield him from the Council's gaze.
The boy was meditating. He has found that through meditation he can achieve a higher level of control of his newfound powers. "A sharp blade is a common kitchen knife in the hands of an amateur." so his teacher said. 
- Oh, my eyes must be deceiving me. My pupil doesn't like meditate, who are you, child, and how did you get here? - Krieg said jokingly, entering the garden where Zdrek'nunos meditated.
- Teacher. - Tenno sopped his meditation and bowed his head to the man who saved him from the horrors of the Void. Overcoming them was hard, even for a talent such as his. Yet through accepting the Void within him, he was able to contain his powers. However this left him almost void of emotion. Cold, just as Darion wanted him to be.
" Oh my dear friend Darion... Or should i say Frost now? Damn Ballas and his project..."
- My Lord, Executor Ballas wishes to dock. Shall I let him in? - Cephalon said over the intercom. "Speak of the devil..." 
- He's after my powers, isn't he? - Zdrek'nunos said, so much like Darion, his chilling voice made Krieg remember his friend who is now entrapped in a machine made by Ballas, his mind ravaged. "Frost Umbra," he thought grinding his teeth, "if it was up to me, Ballas, your research would never have escaped your head." His old friend was chained here, in Krieg's Headquarters, close to his favourite planet. 
- Yes. If you don't want to, then...

- It's alright, teacher, I know what he wants to see. I'll show him the power we wield. - Krieg was proud of his pupil. He's grown drastically.
- Then go, my disciple, and return as soon as you are able. There is one last thing I have to teach you, one last Truth. - Sadness overcame Executor, for a great calamity was about to unfold in the Origin System, but he will be unable to protect his disciple. 
- As you command, Lord Krieg. - Zdrek'nunos said in a deep bow. Yet they both knew that they will not meet again like that. Young disciple saw them, those who come from the Tau system. He knew his place in this War, and so did his teacher. - Blessed be the ignorant, for they do not know the Truth.
- Blessed be the enlightened, for they know the Truth. - responded Krieg. This was a vow. A vow to protect the Origin System from the Truth. A vow to be vigilant in the face of the unknown. A vow of the Knight of the Krieg Order.
And so, Zdrek'nunos left. Krieg watched his pupil go away "You are ready... My disciple".
- My Lord, the forces of the enemy has entered the Outer Ring. - Cephalon informed his master through the intercom once more.
- Gather the Knights. We need to stall them. Also, send message to Sylvanas, ask her to be here post haste. - Krieg Order was a secret organisation, few in the Orokin Empire knew about it, yet those who knew feared and respected what Krieg has built. 
- The First, Third and Ninth archwing escadras are ready to execute the 56th tactical assault. Orders? - the Order was informed as soon as the first scouts of this new enemy has appeared. The Knights were ready for a long time, eager to launch their claws at the enemy. 
- Set up a communication channel, I'll be on the bridge. - Krieg went through the headquarters to the bridge. Knights readying themselves to battle greated him with respectful bows.
- My Lord.
- Lord Krieg.
- Long life to you.
- We will uphold our vows, Lord Krieg.
- My Lord.
When he reached the bridge he was ready to overthrow the Seven Emperors and conquer the Tau system. "A bit more time and then, perhaps... No, the enemy is here."
- My loyal Knights. We all knew this day would come. We knew, for it was our duty. The Orokin Empire has proven itself useless when it comes down to waging war. Now the only chance the Origin System has to survive this onslaught, is through the power of those they sought to get rid of. We can appreciate the irony of this situation after we do our part. Knights of the Krieg Order! Are you ready to show these infidels what a real War looks like?! Are you ready to drown them in their blood?! Well then. Listen to my Order. - The Undefeated Strategist made a pause collecting his thoughts. - Cry Havoc! Unsheath your swords! Ready your minds! *inhale* WAR! 
- WAAAAAAAAR! - every Knight that heard this speech cried along side their brothers and sisters. War was upon them, and during war times, there is No Rest For The Wicked.


Link to the part 1: 


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