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Nightwave Changes: Wolf Spawns & Feedback


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51 minutes ago, EstiMoondust said:

Interesting, it feels to me as spawn rate is 96%. Wolf comes to annoy me after every non-wolf mission, regardless what mission it is or am i solo or with others.  Most terrible annoyance have been at Derelict survival with Ivara - solo. Have been even thinking of leaving Warframe. I think there is a little confusion between Zanuka and Wolf spawn rate. Have met Zanuka only when once Baro had Zanuka Hunter Beacon.


My thoughts exactly. He's pretty much unkillable unless you have a very specific end game loadout so noobs like me are left out in the cold. Add in his spawn rate being too high and crowding out far more interesting stalkers with much better loot (i.e. literally every other stalker in the game) and you've got a recipe for driving away players. It'd be nice if there was a good way to avoid him at least but no, he can always spawn outside of weird specialty missions like Free Roam and Assassination. He doesn't even have the good sense to leave after stomping everyone flat like he's supposed to because DE programming. If he's seriously going to keep spawning after Nightwave is over and his mechanics aren't going to change (or at least offer some sort of "opt out") then I'm seriously thinking about leaving as well.

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On 2019-04-16 at 12:23 PM, [DE]Marcus said:

Note that the end of Nightwave Series I does not mean the end of the Wolf of Saturn Six appearances - he'll still be around! 

On week 9/10, and I still only have the Hammer's Head, so this is good I guess.
Glad I didn't buy any parts.

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My (PS4) feedback on the wolf fight in missons:

As a miniboss he's boring to fight, lame attack patterns, lame attack animations. It's usually a sign of bad design if a character(friend or foe) has a ridiculous amount of HP to stretch out the fight time. With Warframes dmg system it's a roll of a dice if your equipped weapons can even kill him in acceptable (sub 20 min) amount of time.

Below MR12ish nobody even tries to fight him anymore In public groups. People just dodge the game. ("Amazing" gameplay mechanic in my opinion and a clear sign of a failed design). On defence missions he breaks can your objective if no-one in your team can kill him, you HAVE to abandon the game.

And even worse, the fugitives...please consider removing that whole idea.

5x3 seconds capture time is ridiculous. The act/mechanic of capturing a target in a designated capture-mission was implemented so you can get attacked while fulfilling your MAIN objective, to add challenge and delay to this objective. I fail to see what is the purpose of the capture. OK they are escapees.. but we shoot them.. just make em drop dead... And now you removed the feature of capturing more than 1 at the same time...Something that required skill (killing the fugitives within close proximity)...but now its just click and wait -> the definition of fun

Next, which drunk maniac slipped on the dmg distribution of the fire grenades/molotovs? The ffnn hammer doesn't even deal half as much dmg.  Most warframes are squishy, not tanky and get one-shot by the fire grenades - thrown by an invincible enemy.... Amazing idea again. You cheese-fight the wolf on 300/300 Shields and HP with magus elevate spamming for 4 to 5 minutes on low gear, just to - Poof - one-shot-molotov in the back from somewhere... Happened to me more than 10 times by now (lag free i might add)

That is too many random factors to align properly for me to have fun. Weapon with riven(or other uncommon buff) + tanky frame + some way to heal or you WILL fail the encounter. (Or play ivara and 5xArtemisBow his "cant-see-wont-move"-face for even more (not-)fun). 

The stalkers damage caps and his void-damage-reset mechanics are much better, doable on all MR's, challenging and provide diversity within the fight. The wolf is too easy to fail unprepared and too easy to fight prepared. The only fun-middle i found was with e.g. bruiser-Broberon and a bad/ok melee weapon. 

I'm on endgame gear and into speed running sortie-bosses / raids. I come from MHW, so i'm no stranger to 15/20+ min 1-life-only bossfights with high frustration, i can handle failing due to skill but not playing Warframe lottery. The wolf makes me sad, im glad the first season of Nightwave is over and I beg you to never let the wolf come back in his current form, especially his fugitives.

Nightwave in general is a very welcomed addition in my opinion and i support a designated assassin idea.


Thanks for your time 

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I guess I'll do the feedback bit as well. 

Unfortunately I have to echo a lot of the negative feedback. The Wolf just wasn't well done at all. I've fought him with probably four different frames now. (Multiple times on each). If I had to describe him based on all of my collective interactions it would be something like "big dumb guy that ignores most game mechanics and just kind of wonders around aimlessly until he soaks up enough damage to just vanish like a fart in a strong breeze". Which I imagine wasn't the impression that you'd had aimed to leave anyone with. It seems like he is supposed to be intimidating. I should probably poo myself a little when I hear his... loud throat noises. I don't though. What I actually do is get myself ready to spend about five minutes chipping away at him so he can drop my 2,347th North Wind mod... or whatever the hell it is he drops when he doesn't drop his weapon parts. Because I know he isn't going to drop his weapon parts. That'd just be silly. That said I did get some weapon parts, but they were all collected within the first few weeks of the night wave event. After that, nothing. Which leads me to believe somebody changed/broke something half way through the event. Because that's some weirdness that I can't quite account for.

Just to be clear, I don't have an issue with a challenging fight. I have an issue with all of the things that work in a challenging fight everywhere else in the game (seeking shuriken for example) not working here because someone couldn't be bothered to account for it when they were designing the fight. Nobody likes a pointless bullet sponge. The Wolf could easily just be replaced with a dialogue that reads "press mouse 1 for five minutes to receive common mod".


Anyway. That all sounds pretty negative, but in reality I do appreciate that this effort was made to add some variety and choice to the alert system as I do think that is needed. Though my impressions of this particular boss are negative my impressions on this initiative as a whole are positive. I do applaud the effort.


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I saw him once over all the Nightwave missions, and that was on Ivara, so I basically had to wait him out long enough that everyone else in the squad quit (and I survived the host migration thank Lotus), and I managed to take him out with the Concentrated Arrow build on Ivara... which took longer than it should have.

The spawn rate needs to increase, and Wolf needs to either despawn or be reasonably killable.

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When i read somes comment i'm like wtf are people talking about ?

- Spawn rate : Sometimes i see him 6 times a day ! even 1 time i've seen him 3 times in a row, 3 mission 3 wolf of saturn...Guys you need weak weapon (forma or up new weapon) also wear one weak weapon and farm a mission that you finish it in 5 min and enjoy !

- Difficulty : What a joke ! I get that with different warframe/weapon it can be hard but i always killed him easily in less than a minute maybe 2min at high lvl...Ok i'm using Excalibur Umbra so it's easy but when i read a group of 4 dude can't kill and avoid him or leave i'm like speechless...

- Loot : The only things i will definitely agree with, as i mentioned before i've seen so many times but really many times that i can't event count ! What are my loot ? I am missing only the "motor" have 4 and 3 of others, 1 bp and a amount of mods that it's just unbelievable...80% of his loot is mods and bad mods that most of people already have...

I've started the game only this end of Janurary and already understood that most boss that spawn come when you are weak !

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Had him spawn in defense mission on Eris (Akkad) at round 20. What a long ending to this mission, this boss can take a beating. I was not  timing it but it may have taken longer than the 20 rounds in the mission to take him down. I got one of his hammer parts, but care to never fight him again. I believe he was random addition to the mission, because why would any use a beacon in the  20th round.  Just updating that he can spawn and due to not being prepared for him, could be easy party fail. 

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