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[Fan Lore]Origins of the Krieg Order. Part 3.

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Fear he who enters here

Ballas's research facility Zeta, unknown location.

- Meet Frost Prime. It's a bit worse than Umbra, it cannot operate on it's own, however it is safer than releasing a mindless beast onto the people of our Empire. - Executor Ballas exclaimed in a proud voice. Zdrek'nunos was sick of hearing about his friend, Darion Dax, best man, his guiding light. Taken by the man who was talking about him as though it was a piece of fabric torn from a dress.
- So this is what remained after your failure with Darion. You couldn't strip him of his mind, so you used his DNA to build a machine that would obey you, but even then... - little Tenno was using a technique his teacher called Naramon. To know your enemy, and use it's weaknesses against it. Ballas was very proud of his work, as any scientist would, and when you trample his accomplishments into dirt it hurts him the most.
-... - Ballas took a deep breath to collect his composure. "I need this devilish child. If my theory is..." - Correct. And with your Tenno powers i hope that we will be able to utilize this Frame to the best of his abilities. Subject 6 has proven to be unstable, uncontrollable, I guess when you strip a warrior of his self the only thing left is the animalistic urge to kill. - Executor is not loosing this battle of wit's, this child might me Krieg's apprentice, but he's still a child. - If it is any comfort, Darion's endurance was unrivaled among all of the subjects of the Umbra experiment. Even subject 8, who was his superior, did not last long. 
"Ignorant slave, his mind is ravaged by this experiment more than mine." - a voice said in child's head. "Blessed be the ignorant, Darion..." - Tenno replied. "Don't call me by that name, this one is no longer Darion you knew... But a chained beast, regarded as a monster..." - fallen Dax sounded broken, filled with desperation. "Enough with it, we are warriors. Our will is steel, our mind is a castle, our body is a weapon. Wait for me, Frost Umbra, I promise to unchain you." Zdrek'nunos cut off the transference with these words.
- Enough with the pleasantries. You wish to see the gift of the Void. I will show it. - Tenno replied, channeling his newfound powers, whispering - Awaken, Frost Prime... - his new weapon reacted to the call, activating it's systems, making a step forward. His mind transferred into the platform, leaving his body unconscious, falling to the ground. "Hmm. Unexpected..." he thought, "although I didn't feel any pain from falling to the ground. Perhaps I need more practice with the transference..."
- ... - Tenno tried speaking, yet couldn't. He looked at his hands. He felt nothing. Cold, numb Void. 
- Remarkable... - said Ballas, staring at his creation moving for the first time with a terrified look in his eyes. - Can you hear me, Zdrek'nunos?
Tenno nodded.
- Ballas, we need to talk about the Council... Ah! What did you do to this child, Ballas?! - Archimedean Margulis was furious, running towards the unconscious body. She checked for vital signs. - Oh, thank goodness, he's alive. What did you do to him? Answer me, Ballas.
- I did nothing. You can ask him yourself. - said Ballas, pointing at the warframe. - He wanted to contribute to my research and did.
- You are no different than the rest of them... - a sad tear dropped down her cheek. - I'm taking this child with me. He and the rest of them will be in a safe place... We... can no longer be together... - said Margulis, taking Tenno's unconscious body away. 
Tenno was looking at this scene, unmoved. He was exploring his new body. Quite durable, capable of controlling sub-zero temperatures. Just what he needed. "Endure, Zdrek'nunos, endure a bit more. This Empire is on the verge, those who will overthrow it are already safe, they will be regarded as saviours. We have a different task ahead of us..." Tenno said to himself. 
- Arrogant worm. You will regret leaving me... - whispered Ballas, looking at how Margulis walked away. 

Council of Executors. Entry unknown. The new enemy.

- But they were our creations, how did they turn on us? - Executor Verian said in a deeply disturbed voice. 
- How? It doesn't matter now, does it? The enemy is at our doorstep and our forces are in disarray. And where is Krieg? - said Zdrekka, concerned that the brightest strategist in the Orokin Empire was missing from a crucial meeting.
- He was the one to send intel on our enemy. Right now he's on the outer ring, fighting a war he cannot win. His message also said "Your incompetence and arrogance sicken me. I do not wish to affiliate myself with your rabble. There is a war to win and i won't win with you hiding behind my back." - quoted Executor Boros. Silence fell in the council hall, Executors unable to gather their thoughts and figure out the way to solve this problem.
- Gentlemen, - said Ballas, - I may have a solution to this crisis. If I may. - Executor looked at Verian seeking approval.
- Please do.
-Then allow me to introduce to you the fruits of my labor. The first of the Warframe Project. Meet Excalibur Prime...

Krieg Headquarters, Venus orbit.

War. Conflict. Argument. These were the ways to acquire the Truth. When two bodies collide with great energy, there are bound to be vibrations sent across the universe. Those who can listen to the universal frequency, can hear the Truth. 
- You wanted to see me, Executor Krieg? Or should I say "Lord" Krieg now, as you denounced the Seven Emperors. - said Archimedean Sylvanas. She arrived as he asked her to. 
- Come now, Sylvanas, I'm in no mood for this now. I need you to do something for me... - Krieg didn't look at her, he was consumed in monitoring the situation on the front lines.
- Of course, my dear Krieg, anything you want. - she said smiling. Since he became an Executor, they did not spend much time together. - what would you want me to do?
- First I have a question. Did your research with those apothics proved viable? - Krieg asked. As always aware of her moves. A very jealous man he was.
- It appears that through these apothics one can release one's spirit outside of one's body. - she said, but of course he already knew that. 
- Then are you planning on leaving the Empire as well? - Krieg knew that the empire wouldn't leave her alone and was very concerned about her safety.
- Yes. - Sylvanas said. - there is one beautiful forest on earth. One that I would be glad to spend an eternity in. Tending to it, protecting it. You can join me if you want...
- Haha... You were always the romantic one, Sylvanas,- Krieg said for the first time looking away from the monitors and catching her gaze. They stayed like that for a minute or so, - But no, I have a duty to fulfill, there is no one out there who can take my place yet... young Zdrek'nunos has a oath of his own. In time he will find the Truth, but until then I want him to explore and learn on his own. Take this book to Pluto. Hide it well. - Krieg gave her a strange, ornamented book. The book was big, and had a lock.
- And the key? - Sylvanas said, looking around the book. She was fascinated by the simbols on it.
- Do not worry, the key is where it will be found by the one who will search for it. 
- Oh don't you dare talk in mysteries to me, Krieg! - she looked at him with an annoyed look.
- My Lord, excuse my interruption. Second Archwing escadra returned from the mission. They tell of a certain ability our enemies have that drastically reduces incoming damage of certain attacks. - Cephalon informed Krieg over the intercom.
- Tell them to come here. - strategist said and looked at Sylvanas with a sad look in his eyes.
- I understand. Till we meet again, little knight. - Sylvanas knew what his silence meant.
- Till we meet again, young sparrow...

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