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"Not elegible due to inactivity" after doing most damage in mission and entering operator mode at last second

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So, as  the title said, I entered transference to get some extra energy on the last second of the wave, and it resulted in me being not eligible due to inactivity:

As proof that I was not AFK or in another way "inactive", I took a screenshot of the mission results:


Notice that this is the second time it happened to me, but the previous time I wasn't able to get a screenshot. Also, this might happen only when you enter operator mode at the last second of the wave, I would say this occurs when the operator is in their invulnerability phase, but it might be a coincidence. Furthermore, it might have something to do with the fact that I did no damage with the operator in the mission, so the game may have only looked at operator stats when looking for inactive players.

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Exactly the same for me; Today in a grineer interception arbitration on mars i did not get the third rotation reward (out of 4 in total)

- Instead of the reward it says "Not eligible due to inactivity" (which is not true).
- It happened the moment after transfering the operator out before the third rotation reward menu appeared.
- Operator was not used for combat, only for getting that bit of extra energy


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