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DARKEN VOID Recruiting now

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Hi everyone, I’m ([PC+PS4+XB1] DarkenPrime / [NSW] Mo999) a UK player that love’s this grinding game and have created Darken Void” on the idea of building an active & helpful community on all platforms. We are a Casual Clan with a friendly atmosphere in a nontoxic environment. We primarily communicate by Discord, so come and join us.


Darken Void is a multinational clan with members from a diverse demographic, we are an inclusive Clan and helping each other is a standard procedure within Darken Void. Our Dojo is fully researched on PS4 + PC (R10) & on NSW (R7) & XB1 just started. We don’t have MR requirement’s, we welcome all tennos from all over the universe.


Our Alliances are Stalkers of Hunhow Alliance on PS4 / Guilded Phoenix Alliance on PC / Nintenno Prime Alliance on NSW / Order of the Forsaken XB1 Alliance WE ARE RECRUITING CLAN'S NOW XB1.



Please don’t join if you can’t respect our rules, this is a mature environment that encourages everyone to take part and our members are International.


1.       Request to Join DARKEN VOID on our FORUM CLUBS @ https://forums.warframe.com/clubs/118-darken-void-ps4-pc/

2.       Contributing to our Dojo Research is MANDATORY.

3.       14 days Inactivity Policy unless on holiday or doing service etc. whereby you need to inform Warlord using Discord. (If you get kicked for inactivity you can rejoin us, you just need to pm me)

4.       Be respectful and honest in your dealings, there will be No PROFANITY, SEXISM, RACISM, RUDENESS, DISRESPECTFULNESS or BULLYING tolerated within Clan or Alliance. By joining us you agree to follow our Clan and Alliance Rules when on PSN, in-game and Discord.


our Warlords & Executors

[PS4] DarkenPrime, yamotomato & DoctorWho-90250

[PC] Haxxit99, DarkenPrime & CrysisCannon,

[NSW] Mo999, woof21, xUNKNOWNFRENZYx & tracerisbae

[XB1] DarkenPrime

CLAN DISCORD: https://discord.gg/f7nzyZm

 Clan Email: mo999pc@gmail.com






Nintenno Prime Alliance on Cephalon Switch: https://discord.gg/EPGzDXY

Order of the Forsaken Alliance on XB1 & Nintenno Prime on NSW are recruiting so pm me if your interested

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Hi there,

Gealenius just spoken to you about inviting me to the clan.

My nick: Szymonpalkowski

Mastery Rank: 4

Info: Restinys and Gealenius are my family and we play a lot together. I would like to be in the same guild with them:)

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