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[Warframe Concept] Zauron, the Primordial Predator (Dinosaur-themed Warframe)


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Who doesn't love dinos?! we need some dinos in warframe!! check out this awesome concept, leave a comment, and follow the conversation. 

This Section contains the artistic references that were used to design Zauron-


Zauron has two forms. His base form: "Raptor", and his "ultimate" form: "Tyrant". His overall design, is heavily inspired by predatory therapod dinosaurs, and thus would have a less human appearance, compared to other warframes. I imagine him looking kind of like a dinosaur-human hybrid; with a mouth, full of sharp teeth, talon-like hands, a true tail (unlike Chroma), and digitigrade legs with avian/dinosaur like posture and movements. Also, sickle claws. 

Do note, that while Zauron may be primarily designed with the "Raptor" and "Tyrant" dynamic in mind. He does not have to take all elements of his design from Dromeosaurs and Tyrannosaurs, exclusively. I would certainly like to see his design incorporate elements from other predatory dinosaurs; such as Ceratosaurus, Allosaurus, and Carnotaurus. And perhaps some aspects his design, can come from some types of herbivores. Like Hadrosaurs, and Ceratopsians.

Here's some design references-

Image result for saurus warriors 

Something like this, but with slightly less Quasimodo, and more elf-like athletic litheness.

Image result for dino xenomorph Wouldn't be against some Xenomorph-like elements in the design, because this is sci-fi with space-wizard-cyborg-ninjas after all. A little bit of a bio-mechanical vibe wouldn't hurt.


Yeah, I know it's gay anime crap (literally), but the fusion of humanoid and dinosaur physiology is still relevant.

:Neurotenic spinosaurus: by Tapwing

I absolutely adore this design. I think the overall design is kinda what I'm going for, and would probably fit with the in-game universe pretty well. Even though, Zauron would obviously be more inspired by T-rex and raptors. Also.... glowey bits.

In his "Raptor" form. I imagine him being like a more muscular Nezha. With a slender (be it, a bit androgynous) but athletic appearance, with physical traits akin to various raptor dinosaurs. He should also have feathers incorporated into his design, if at all possible. He would probably be among the smaller Frames in this form.

As his "Tyrant" form. Zauron, obviously, would be way bigger (like double or triple his original height) and beefier. With broader shoulders, and more muscle. Taking on a likeness akin to a therapod dinosaur. In this form, he would easily dwarf the tallest of his comrades. Actually, screw it. He just, straight-up,turns into a large therapod dinosaur. With elements of his "Raptor" form, mixed in.

Remember, this is a warframe. So referencing, and keeping in-line with, the designs and aesthetics of the universe is important.

This Section is for anybody interested in seeing the preliminary artwork-











Zauron, The Primordial Predator.  Stalk your foes and consume their flesh as a fearsome carnivorous hunter, inspired by beasts of millennia long forgotten. Zauron is designed to be a stealthy, mobile, and deadly solitary-hunter. With a kit that revolves around stalking and devouring his enemies. Then finally, unleashing his true strength, after sufficiently filling his belly.




Zauron is acually meant to be smaller than most other frames (Closer to Nezha, in height). The artwork doesn't really represent this very well.

Raptor Form Stats-

Health- 125 (425 at rank 30)

Shields- 80 (320 at rank 30)

Armor- 200

Energy- 200 (400 at Rank 30)

Sprint Speed- 1.25

Raptor Form Passive- Thanks to his lithe, lightweight form and athletic musculature. Zauron has the ability to bound and acrobatically maneuver through the air, to cover great distances with incredible precision. While also being able to hunt with silent prowess. But is dependent on his biological Metabolism to power his lethal capabilities.

In terms of gameplay. Zauron has double jump height and jump distance. And will jump higher and farther, for as long as the space bar is held, maxing out at the top of his jump (if you have ever played the raptor in Primal Carnage, you probably have a good idea of how this will work). He also, has far greater control of his movement in the air, being able to change and even reverse his trajectory more efficiently (making him the ideal Frame for platforming). -Think of him as a faster, and less floaty, version of zephyr.

In addition, all enemies detect Zauron at half the normal range.

This makes Zauron, a vastly more improved version of Zephyr. With some stealth capabilities. -In my defense, Zephyr had a pretty weak passive already. Plus, copy and pasting a passive would be pretty boring, so why not add in some cool mechanics too.

Zauron can eat enemy corpses, by pressing the "Interact" button, consuming it for 10/25/35/50 Energy. But cannot use Energy orbs. He also starts all missions with a flat 100 energy, regardless of rank or max energy.

Zauron also has access to his fourth ability at level 1.

First Raptor Ability- Skulk   Cost- 10 Energy

Zauron sniffs the air, in search of prey. All enemies and loot, within a 15/22/28/35 m radius, are highlighted and visible through walls and obstacles, for 10/15/20/25 secs. Zauron is also turned invisible, after the ability is cast. This effect lasts for 5/6/9/10 secs, or until Zauron uses an ability, or either takes or deals damage.This ability has no cool down, but takes 2 secs to cast, and can be cast on the move. This ability is silent. -He literally sniffs the air. And turns invisible. This does not affect radar.

First Ability Augment- N/A.

Second Raptor Ability- Pounce   Cost- 25 Energy

Pressing and holding the ability button. Zauron launches himself at 150% of his sprint speed, grappleing one enemy in his path (popping shields), and carrying them as he flies through the air. Propelling to a distance of 10/14/16/30 m, or until he collides with a wall, obstacle, additional enemy, lands, or the ability button is released. Zauron can disengage this ability at any point by bullet jumping, or jumping off a pounced target, in midair or on the ground. Jumping/ Falling physics is reapplied after reaching the ability's max range, or after the ability button is released, allowing this ability to be arched. Zauron can still grapple a target until he touches the ground, or bullet jumps. Zauron stuns enemies within 8/12/16/20 m, for 5 secs, when he lands. 

Upon landing on the ground, Zauron will then proceed to pin-down, and bite chunks out of his captured prey (shields are disabled). Dealing a flat 10%/15%/20%/30% of it's max health as damage, ignoring armor, for every second he holds the target down. 50% of the consumed health, is converted to Energy. This continues, until the target dies, or until the ability is disengaged. This ability is silent, but muffled noise is generated for every second a target is pinned, and has no cooldown.

Second Ability Augment- Metabolic Regeneration

Zauron heals for 30%/40%/50% of energy gained. In addition, Zauron will passively regenerate missing health at the cost of Energy, at a rate of 3->3/2->4/1->5 every 1 sec.

Third Raptor Ability- Crow   Cost- 50 energy

Zauron lets out a shrill, ear-drum bursting call. Zauron creates, and channels, an area of effect, for 3 secs. During this, Zauron is free to move. All enemies, within a 4/6/8/10 m area around him, are stunned for a short duration. And all enemies within half that distance, are rendered permanently deaf. This ability is alarming, and has no cooldown.

Third Ability Augment- Primal Frenzy

Upon casting Crow. Zauron, and any teammates within 10/15/20 m, receive a 20%/30%/60% attack speed buff for 15/25/35 secs, functioning similarly to Berserk. Primal Frenzy will not proc again until the previous buff has timed out. Primal Frenzy stacks with Berserk, and other attack speed mods and buffs.

Fourth Raptor Ability- Tyrant   Cost- 100 Energy

Upon sating his hunger. Zauron transforms into his "Tyrant" form. Increasing in size and strength. Zauron must be in a large enough area, in order to use Tyrant. He also undergoes a transformation sequence, this is entirely cosmetic. This ability has a cooldown of 15 sec.

Fourth Ability Augment- Apex Predator

Enemies are frozen in fear, at the sight of the Tyrant. Upon seeing Zauron in his Tyrant Form, Enemies are unable to move for 3/6/9 secs. And have their melee attack speeds and ranged accuracy reduced by 10%/20%/30% for as long as he is in their field of vision. They may also, sometimes, fumble their reloads.

Tyrant Form Stats-

Health- 400 (2000 at rank 30)

Shield- 100 (400 at rank 30)

Armor- 500

Energy- 400 (600 at rank 30)

Sprint Speed- 0.9

Tyrant Form Passive- Because of his massive size, Zauron's movement is slowed, and has lost his ability too jump, and his footsteps can now be heard from several meters away. But, what he has lost in lethal grace and stealth, he has gained in sheer destructive power and endurance. Crushing foes under foot, and shrugging off blows that would have stopped any other frame in their tracks, there is little that can stand in the Tyrant's way.

From a gameplay perspective, Zauron's Tyrant form is immune to stuns and knockbacks. And only winces at knockdowns. This, all the while passively dealing trample damage to enemies he walks on top of. But at the same time, his Tyrant Form also passively produces alarming noise while moving. And due to his size, and inability to jump. Zauron can step over most obstructions, but must climb up low cliff faces, and find alternative routes. He also has a *gulp* Turning Circle. In his Tyrant form, Zauron also loses use of his weapons, as well as equipable gear. On top of it's initial Energy cost, Tyrant will drain Zauron's Energy, at a rate of 4 Energy per sec. Once Zauron's energy hits 0, he is returned to his Raptor form automatically. His turn radius, while present, isn't actually that bad.

He can still eat corpses.

Tyrant Form is also immune to Nullifiers, but it's abilities are not, and they increase his passive energy drain, for as long as they are active.

Tyrant Form Weapons- (use melee mods)

Primary Attack- Rending Maw 

Attack Speed- 1.00

Damage- Total/500, Slash/150, Puncture/250, Impact/100

Crit Chance/Multiplier- 20%/x3

Status Chance- 10%

Attack Area- Short Reach(Front)/Small AoE

Weapon Passive: Zauron rakes and bites chunks out of his enemies, with his powerful jaws. 25% of damage to enemy health, is converted to Energy.

Finisher: Zauron chomps down, and devours, an enemy whole. converting 50% it's remaining health into energy.

Secondary Attack- Tail Whip

Attack Speed- 0.80

Damage- Total/500, Slash:100/Puncture:100/Impact:300

Crit Chance/Multiplier- 10%/x2

Status Chance- 15%

Attack Area- Long Reach(Behind)/Large AoE

Weapon Passive: None

Finisher: None

Passive Attack- Trample

Attack Speed- 1.50

Damage- Total:150, Slash:50/Puncture:50/Impact:50

Crit Chance/Multiplier- 5%/x1.5

Status Chance- 30%

Attack Area- On Contact/While Moving

Weapon Passive: None

Finisher: None

Weapon Stance- Carnal Thunder

Combining Tenno martial prowess, and the primordial fury and physical might of the Tyrant. This stance offers a more complex, graceful, and disciplined approach to the beast's rampage.

First Tyrant Ability- Tyrant Stomp Cost- 20 Energy

In a display of ancient might, Zauron Stomps his foot. Creating a shockwave; that stuns, ragdolls, and damages enemies for 100/300/500/700 blast damage within a 10/15/20/25 m radius. This ability is Alarming, and has no cooldown.

Second Tyrant Ability- Stampede Cost-  5/4/3/2 energy per sec

Pressing and holding the ability button. Zauron charges forward at 110% of his sprint speed. Dealing trample damage, and Ragdolling enemies, while stunning enemies who are already ragdolled, that he runs into. Building up speed and momentum, for as long as the ability is held, up to a max of 200% of his sprint speed. If Zauron crashes into a wall, or a very large enemy (Thumpers, Eidolons,and Orb Mothers) both he and the enemy, will be staggered or stunned by the impact, while dealing his momentum as impact damage to the enemy. These effects are dependent on how fast he was moving. When the ability is released, Zauron will stop running, but will move forward progressively slower for a minuscule distance, dissipating his momentum (use with Caution). Stampede also widens his turn radius, why? Because inertia. This ability is alarming, and has a 10/8/7/5 sec cooldown.

Third Tyrant Ability- Broadcast Cost- 50 Energy

Zauron unleashes a bellowing primeval roar. Causing enemies to panic with confusion, hide behind cover, and run in terror for 5/10/15/20 secs. Zauron, and his allies, also receive a 20%/30%/40%/50% sprint speed and damage buff for 15/20/25/30 secs. This ability is VERY LOUD, and effects all characters who hear it. This ability has a 20 sec cooldown.

Fourth Tyrant Ability- Raptor Cost- 0 Energy

Zauron returns to his Raptor form. Conserving energy, and opening up areas and paths that would be inaccessible otherwise. Additionally, the cost of tyrant is reduced by 50%, for 10 secs. 

Got some better ideas, critiques, or suggestions? I'll be happy to hear them.

Video Response-


Rahetalius' Video was very informative. And, I especially appreciate getting some much needed feed back, from a Youtuber I very much enjoy watching. I don't really have much else too say, so I will simply reiterate my comments from the video:


Zauron's Raptor form was originally meant to have:

Slightly above average health

Average armor

Below average shields

High energy

And basically the warframe incarnation of a certain hedgehog

Zauron was never meant to be a tank in his raptor form. His stats just seem a bit skewed because I don't know what the stat averages are. Zauron's raptor form, is meant to be a melee assassin type, with high single target damage. His kit is meant to revolve around quickly eliminating single/high-priority targets, and building up energy to eventually turn into his tyrant form, which is meant to be a tanky dino-godmode, without being entirely invincible.

First ability, is a detection+stealth combo, pretty self explanatory.

Second ability is a pounce/abduct ability, allowing him to single out and pin down a target, then eliminate that target as quickly and efficiently as possible. with some (while admittedly a bit convoluted) movement mechanics, this was meant to be his most versatile and "fun" ability overall, due to the fact that his kit and play style felt extremely focused at the time. This abilities augment was meant to improve Zauron's survivablity, as I was actually afraid he would be a little too weak against crowds of enemies.

Third ability is meant to be a straight forward "OH S#&$" button. Giving him a somewhat reliable get-out-of-jail free card, in a bad situation. But with the addition of it's augment, It could also act as a decent squad buff, giving him some good early team-play.

Zauron is meant to feel like a glass cannon solitary hunter, that while starting off weak, will quickly build up into an imposing force of nature that few obstacles can stop.

Raptor -> T-Rex


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Total Rework+Video Response
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Alright, would these cooldowns sound more viable?

Feast- 10secs

Crow- 20secs

I don't want his abilities to be too spammable. As his raptor form is built around more a methodical and tactical lone-hunter playstyle.

If not I'd like to hear what you think would best suit the game.

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I also just added some more design references, for when I finally get some art commissioned.

Also, how would you suggest I get some publicity?

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  • 2 weeks later...


I don't get it, are you confused?

I posted that song, because it sounded fun (even though it was a pretty mediocre movie) and made me come back to my post after a few weeks of inactivity.

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5 hours ago, NecrisC said:


I don't get it, are you confused?

I posted that song, because it sounded fun (even though it was a pretty mediocre movie) and made me come back to my post after a few weeks of inactivity.

My brain didn’t want to go there, and just stopped.

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Huh, are you being sarcastic? I didn't think this guy would be the kind of frame, that would come with a signature weapon. Do you have any ideas in mind?

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On 2019-05-14 at 12:01 PM, Sc10n0fD4rksp0r3 said:

Wolverine-style claws built into his frame’s wrists inspired by therizinosaurus.

But doesn't Garuda already have something like that? Also, I had this idea while I was at work. What if his weapon was javlins (throwing spears) and Atlatl? I know this sort of primary weapon, doesn't realy exist in-game yet. But it seems odd that the oldest weapon combo in human history, hasn't quite made it's daybew in warframe yet. And, given his theme and overall physique, Zauron would be a perfect fit for it. Maybe slap on a harpoon-like alt fire, or the ability to recover ammo from used spears, or be able to use spears as melee weapons. It could be a really cool weapon for a prehistoric-themed stealth hunter.

Image result for atlatl spear

What do you think?

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2 hours ago, NecrisC said:

Yeeeeeeeeeee 😄

you could have posted on youtube and see he would say but I have to post, this might take about few months probably, so sorry I can't do much unless I spam messages to this guy but he will find it annoying.

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Thanks, I actually don't know how to make youtube videos. Also, would you happen to know where I could get some artwork for Zauron?

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