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Add Switch gamepad button prompts to PC settings

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I spent a few months playing Warframe on Switch after playing via gamepad on PC for years, and the addition of motion aiming for snapping or making small adjustments makes a world of difference. It doesn't totally bridge the gap between gamepad and mouse, but it comes pretty close.

Coming back to PC and setting up Steam's gamepad stuff to use the Switch pad's gyro has been great, but I'd really appreciate adding Switch button prompts to the in-game settings just like Xbox and PS4, mainly to switch the A and B prompts and the X and Y prompts for consistency.

You can switch these buttons at a Steam hardware level and then rebind some buttons in game, but it's still a little wonky since a lot of UI interaction isn't truly rebindable. A lot of onscreen locations for prompts are counter intuitive to UI positioning and muscle memory when done this way, such as Extract and Continue in Defense missions being disconnected from what is physically the left-most and right-most button on your gamepad. Just flipping the graphics for X/Y and A/B, adding references to L/ZL and R/ZR, and giving a universal toggle for switching the Confirm and Back buttons would solve this perfectly.

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