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Orbiter Lighting Broken Again

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Right after we got the orbiter changes last year this was an issue for a few months, it was fixed last year, but as of v24.7.3 (I think, I only just noticed it today) it seems to have come back.

Basically a bunch of movable objects in the orbiter are not being affected by shadows.

Best example is the 2 following images, the "before" is how it should be, all the Anasa Ayatan Sculptures behind my Arsenal are all dark as they should be, and the Argon/Rubedo crystals on the ceiling of the left and right halls to the back of the ship are also looking as intended.

The "After" is as of v24.7.3, you can see all the items mentioned stick out like a sore thumb, clearly having no shadowing effects being applied to them.

Before (back before I added the Rubedo and still had neuroptic masses on the ceiling)

After (v24.7.3)

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