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Hotfix 10.0.4


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- Added Conclaves for 500-1000 and 1000-1500 ratings.
- Added XP progress bar to Arsenal UI.



- Weekly Leaderboards have been manually reset to start anew. They will continue to reset weekly automatically henceforth.
- Changes to Void Reward distribution for Mag Prime, removed ciphers from all survival rewards.
- Lotus Transmission captioning is no longer “ALL CAPS”. She isn’t yelling at you.. yet.
- Dakka Prime is now called Dakra Prime.
- Replaced Orokin Loot crates in the Derelcits with their own “Derelicted” versions and added more.
- Added Conclave rating to Mod Cards.
- Grineer Settlement Survival missions now use correct Grineer enemies against the Tenno.
- The J-2000 Golem is now known as “Lephantis”.
- Lephantis (Golem) now has an increased damage radius of grenade and gun attacks as well as reduced max incoming damage per second with a slight bump to health.
- Increased Lephantis's (Golem) damage output for head and body attacks.
- Changes to Dera Rifle firing sounds.
- Sound changes to Djinn’s abilities.
- Tweaks to Infested Runner’s claw attack sounds.
- Slide attack no longer takes precedence over a charged melee attack.
- Removing physics from small bushes, moss decals and alike.
- Tweak to enemy ragdolling to ensure matching on host and clients when enemy enters ragdoll state.
- Tweaks to text fitting in areas.
- Tweaks to Orokin Defense Lasers: removed charge up effects and nudged beams a bit.
- Adding blocking volumes to bottom push back area, preventing players from getting stuck in Orokin Derelict loot Room.
- Fix for invisible buttons being accessible in UI.
- Orokin exploding barrels now look different!
- Crawler fire-death animation hooked up.

- Better indication of selected items in arsenal
- Added sound effect to survival artifacts.
- Less Opaque UI background.

- Adjustments to Credit Price of replicating Bio Blueprints (150,000 to 50,000).



- Fixed players being blocked by invisible collision in derelict

- Fix for toggle sprinting and aiming getting in the way of each other.
- Fix for Alerts not properly appearing in Game UI. (Further investigation here based on claims still persisting).
- Fix for Stamina not being depleted on Clients for Stamina-based actions.
- Fix for Play Now button being accessible when it shouldn’t.
-Fix for Uru Syandana not being color customizable. 
- Fix for using chat while in a non-star node (Keys)  lobby will prevent the appearance of the “Play Now” button.
- Fix for clients sometimes not being able to damage Golem.
- Fix for no enemies spawning in Survival missions after host migration.
- Fix for German localizations.
- Fix for Clan Dojo dueling not allowing players to revive.
- Fix for tooltip descriptions not appearing when hovering over alert reward items.
- Fix for Trinity’s Well of Life causing shields to increase exponentially during Survival missions.
- Fix for Sure-Footed mod not working on Clients.
- Fixed Shadows of the Dead power in use bug when used to revive/resurrect Grineer rollers (possibly other enemies as well).
- Fix for player can get caught in falling loop with teleport.
- Fix for branch clipping through floor in levels.
- Fix for hand clipping into leg.
- Fix for image preview on Clan research.
- Fixed stealth challenge completing on being spotted in third phase.
- Fix for rare cases where an alarm panel outside of the spawn would be enabled instead of the one in the spawn room, added log message for final score, changed how health drain works.
- Fix for dojo test  Stealth Challenge not spawning enemies.
- Fix for player loses rewards in key accessed defense missions if they do not claim and exit with host. Allow for migration if it's a defense mission, even if it requires a key
- Fix for enemies not proceeding though some doors in Orokin level.

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