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Hotfix 10.0.4

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1 - How did you fix the droptables, if we dont know what the droptables are?


2 - Torid, any fixes on it?


3 - Where does Forma drop now?


4 - And the ridiculous material costs on the clan weapons?


5 - And for gods sake, mutagen masses dropping inside the Derelict only? So I have to use credits + resources to get in there, to farm them to then farm more resources to build the weapons? Seriously?


6 - How about when somebody leaves the Survival, I dont have to leave also forced, losing all my credits and not being able to know if I could get a better prize... oh yeah, we have no idea what prize we get after 5-10-15 mins and so forth.

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No changes to Forma reward rates from Void it seems, apparently Forma should only be bought with real money. Working as intended. Pay 5+ Euros/Dollars for every weapon you want to use.

Which is why I have 8 without buying them, after update 10. Uh huh.

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