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Hotfix 10.0.4

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Well Done DE Bravo Congratulations. 

I now cant enter the flipping Dojo Without the Whole Engine Crashing.


When are you going to Release an update that doesnt break the Game?! 



No reason to be disrespectful.

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Umm.... Dera's sound is now perfect! Thx! 

The thing is; now, after the patch, the light burst in firing animation is bugged and the flashes of light appear at the base of the barrel of the weapon; not the muzzle. Another hotfix on that please. Appreciate your hard work!

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- Changes to Void Reward distribution for Mag Prime, removed ciphers from all survival rewards.



could someone kindly explain what got changed in regards to Void Survival rewards and Mag Primed rewards ?


is reward of every MP part time dependent or drop rate got redistributed  or.. ?


any usefull data would be nize.


Thank You

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