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Hotfix 10.0.4

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Is anyone else now unable to hover over a mission on a star chart to read what it is...

Or, y'know, missing ALL missions on a star chart due to cool invisibility?

I think a Loki stole my star chart

Yup. I am having the same issue :(


Don't you guys (DE) run any non-regression validation/test before releasing any patch?

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The scarf bug that is still in the game, instead of the neck, it's the center of the back... :/



Sir, off-topic question. How did you get the Jet wings on your sentinel to blow smoke? ive seen it done in other videos/screencaps but i cannot for the life of me figure it out. Ive purchased the wings, all my graphics settings are maxed, physx is on. I just dont get it, I WANT MY JET WING SMOKIES!!!


Edit: If anyone has a answer to my question, I would much appreciate it, the internet has failed me in my own personal search D:

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Few quick answers:


Well Done DE Bravo Congratulations. 

I now cant enter the flipping Dojo Without the Whole Engine Crashing.


When are you going to Release an update that doesnt break the Game?! 



We'll keep trying, but you should attach your EE.log file to a support ticket after this crash so we can solve that problem.


Still need fix for getting stuck in Foundry or Arsenal screen, where you are forced to quit game.


Also necessary to view your EE.log file from this stuck state.


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I also think there should be a preview for the scarves. If someone is going to drop platinum on it, they should see how it looks on them first. Also, the ignis sends loot flying off the map. This seriously needs to be fixed. I've lost 5 mods already because of this.

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