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WTS Double and Triple Colored Kavats (+one cheap adarza)

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WTS the following kavats (some of them still need to be printed):

Adarza with balltip ears and peacock tail - 140 plat
Colors: double Antimoa Purple (base and secondary) + double Executioner Grey (tertiary and accents)
Energy color - blue

Adarza, balltip ears, guppy tail - 120 plat (imprints are ready).
Colors: double Draga Blue (secondary+accents), Asteroid Grey, Executioner Grey.
Energy color - blue.

Smeeta, balltip ears, peacock tail - 150 plat.
Colors: double Executioner Grey (secondary+tertiary), Hyacinth Blue, Ancient Green.
Energy color - orange.

Smeeta, fennec ears, mermaid tail - 200 plat.
Colors: triple Executioner Grey (secondary+tertiary+accents), Hyacinth Blue.
Energy color - orange.

Adarza, balltip ears, arrow tail - 75 plat (imprints are ready).
Colors: Dragonlily Pink, Ancient Green, Conculyst Brown, Hyacinth Blue
Energy color - blue


PM me here, on Discord (Uta_Redhead#4565) or in game (Uta_Redhead).


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