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Plains of Eidolon Remaster: Update 24.8.0

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Some body explain why the heck you added reviving and deliberately promote revinig in arbitration.

The whole freaking point of arbitration and is only shtick of arbitration, mortality.

This is the whole New level of absurd and once again, whoever is a better player now is punished with all the negative effects and burdens instead of buffs or reward for giving a hell about whoever sucked in the game. Only logical amiright. 

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12 hours ago, Kalvorax said:

why lock a QOL feature behind arbitration.....meh, will only make me want to do it now, though not hundreds amt of times for EACH forma BP.

that being said, this is a GOOD step to universal forma (even if it doesnt happen). this opens the ability to NOT be locked behind a - or V all the time now.

still, having to grind out 35+ of these is going to be a dang bore.

At 1.5/2/2.5% drop chance, that's going to be a few hundred hours (300+) of Arbitration.

Then you'll just need 140 forma and 350 nitain.

It's very not worth it.

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77 hotfixes since chimera update and still no fix for melee locking your movement and momentum isn't working.


Sword and shield's shields are being holstered too high despite using final harbinger.

Before chimera update:




  • atlas's loincloth is buggy when using weapons like heavy blade swords and single handed pistols.



  • War's blade energy not displaying while having mara detron equipped




  • Perla pistol skin is bugged for Stubba, Euphona prime, and Pandero once again.



Euphona prime




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Why Arbitrations are still 10 minutes long?

And do not, DO NOT make those revive tokens auto pickable in arbitrations. I have no intention reviving someone who goes there just to leech and demands to be revived.

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This arbitration revival is a total mess.... I was with many squad with people who get perma killed 100% of the time ... You need 5 tokens to revive someone , it is a chore in execution and you can get yourself killed so easily.

And i'm tired of this excuse "but bruh de game iz free hugugugu" i paid lot of stuff with my own money just like a large numbers of player so shut it.

How do you guys come out with this idea on this revival system is MINDBLOWING , and i tried it , now we get troll in squad that perma died just to stress the team.

It is GARBAGE DE !!!

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14 hours ago, [DE]Drew said:

Plains of Eidolon Remaster: Update 24.8.0

Arbitrations ‘Iteration 1’ Changes

Our goal with this update is to maintain the challenge that Arbitrations promised, while also ensuring that if you or a teammate is knocked out, they still have a chance to jump back into the fight! Iteration 1 brings the discussed Revival mechanic and enemy scaling changes to mirror normal Endless mission modes. We will be watching how these changes play out as we plan to iterate further on the mode in the future, with our next review for Arbitrations focusing on reward pacing.

The rules of Arbitration death have shifted: players are still downed with no bleedout timer, but a Revive tower is now placed at the player’s spot of death. If any squadmate is awaiting Revival, the Arbitration Drones will begin dropping unique pickups known as a “Resurgence Burden”. These pickups function similar to Index points (otherwise known as “Financial Stress”), debuffing the players who carry them. 

In order to revive a player, 5 of these Resurgence Burdens must be taken to their tower simultaneously. These 5 pickups can be delivered by one or multiple squadmates, but cannot be “dropped off” at the tower - it’s all or nothing!

You can now spend Vitus Essence in the Arbitrations Market to purchase Archgun Rivens (if you are below your Riven cap), as well as new cosmetics! The new cosmetic offerings include:


ILLUMINA JUDICIUM (name showing incorrectly in game. Will be hotfixed)
Let Arbitration begin.

A similar Emote style to the TennoCon 2019 Emote, the Illumina Judicium displays your true dedication to Arbitrations with a looping Vitus Illumina Glyph whilst doing an angsty Meditation pose.

Eyewear created by the Arbiters for those they deem worthy. 

Also, a new Arbitrations reward has been added: the elusive Aura Forma Blueprint! Craft an Aura Forma to modify an Aura slot on a Warframe to be compatible with any Mod Polarity.

General Arbitrations Changes:

  • Removed custom enemy level scaling from Defense, Survival, Interception, Excavation, Defection, and Infested Salvage modes in Arbitrations. Enemy scaling now mirrors normal Endless missions that increase as the missions progresses. 
  • Reduced Vitus Essence crafting cost for the Amber Star Blueprint from 2 to 1.


  • Potential fix for inability to use Warframe Abilities and prior active Invisibility being broken after using Transference. 
  • Fixed cases of Plains Rescue Bounties prematurely ending. 
  • Fixed (for real this time) the Synth Mod Set Bonus resulting in your weapon reload stopping and Synth icon stuck for a Client players after Operator mode.
  • Fixed a script error if Stalker's target disconnects after his initial Transmission fires up.
  • Fixed Alad V’s skirt clipping into his legs in his Wolf of Saturn Six Episode dioramas.
  • Fixed potential (harmless) script crash that can occur when Wolf dies in the middle of spinning.
  • Fixed equipping Castanas (in default Skin) placing a larger version of one of the projectiles between the Warframes legs.
  • Fixed windows in Grineer Settlement tileset being impassible when they look open. 
  • Fixed some waypoints flip flopping around you in Lua tileset (more fixes required). 
  • Fixed Void Dash colliding with Snowglobe. 
  • Fixed a crash caused by Khora’s Strangledome. 
  • Fixed wonky lantern textures in Teshin’s Relay room as reported here: https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/bene8w/as_one_of_the_4_conclave_players_i_require_these/
  • Fixed an issue where selecting default keybindings would remove the ability to scroll or click, as well as causing other issues. 

LMAO really? skins ? and the most ugly ones to top it off?... look i like the arch riven idea but really? i would have put like really rare mods in rather but OKY OKY... you want it to be distroyed and loos players.. ...you do know some Vetran players quite because of this (sorry for lang) Nonsens you guy's are putting in and doing.... hell i am at the point of thinking i wasted money buying plat in this game... there is nothing for me to do except ranking... boring..... i have done end game now if i get to 45min i fall asleep ... you should really REALLY catch a speed boost and start releasing the story lines and make them no no force them to do there quests !!!

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about this plain of eidolon remaster 24.8.0

could DE put the dye and baits reusable blueprints into the DOJO so all players can research them on their own thoughts

instead of removing them out of the game completely because farming resources is not that hard to do or charge credits instead of standing points on plains of eidolon and cetus

its just a thought i had of a good idea 

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How to fix Arbitrations:

- Bring back perma death, that was the whole Lotus damned point DE

- Reduce the duration to normal numbers, none of that double length poop

- Remove Aura Forma from the loot table and have it something we can straight up buy with Vitus essence, make it 50 Vitus or something relatively high

- Make all enemies start at least at level 90 and scale normaly


What this update did is re-invent the wheel and make it square "based on our feedback" which simply read as: "the cart is going too slow, speed that up and make it more challenging please!".


In the future if you add more rewards to a mode that has it's own currency make that reward something we can buy, do not give it a ridiculous drop rate and call it good please...


P.S. What really burns is that the changes comes "from our feedback", I'm willing to bet about 99% of that feedback, from players that actually PLAY Arbitrations said absolutely nothing about wanting revives but asked and begged for normal length rotations...

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21 minutes ago, MrMonkeyButt said:

about this plain of eidolon remaster 24.8.0

could DE put the dye and baits reusable blueprints into the DOJO so all players can research them on their own thoughts

instead of removing them out of the game completely because farming resources is not that hard to do or charge credits instead of standing points on plains of eidolon and cetus

its just a thought i had of a good idea 

this is a real good idea this would make things a lot better than trying to fish blind and waste standing points at 100 points luminus dye and 200 points for murkray bait and 400 points for cuthol bait and 500 points for glappid bait and 50 points for peppered bait and 100 points for twilight bait and 100 points for pharoma dye and thats just for 1 each thats alot of standing to get quantity amounts if you do alot of fishing and like doing it

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Is anyone gonna look into the broken PoE enemies? I've played tier 5 bounties with chroma before and never had issues, now suddenly even with my 1000%+ armor buff I'm getting one shot killed and it's super annoying, like the most f**king frustrating thing ever.

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51 minutes ago, Drivrius said:

- Let us buy Aura Forma with Vitus essence, make it 30 Vitus or something relatively high


No need to remove the random drops; just give us a non-random safety net to prevent bad luck from making it practically impossible to get.

50 is also a 'lil high when you consider that you need 1 PER FRAME and there are tons and tons of frames.

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My question is, what is the incentive to revive a team mate - other than it's now really annoying to have a debuff from Resurgence Burden (especially with vaccuum mods). Because that debuff is now punishing you for having other people dying - how is that my problem? I want to be rewarded for surviving, not punished because I've got randoms who aren't as equipped as I am for longer runs. I don't do Arbitrations to babysit other players.

What I do the arbitration for is rewards...which is now somehow more disappointing. The cost for the new rewards is absurd and not worth the time - 50 vitus for a S#&$ty emote are you kidding? The skins are just...I mean they're just re-colours basically aren't they? I literally can't see a reason I would waste vitus on them, they don't change the appearance what-so-ever. The atomos and amprex still look weird as hell, why not make a new model for them? I'd give 25 vitus for a new model of each.
25 vitus for a random riven on weapons you use for maybe 2 missions - and only because you HAVE to (and even then, maybe 3 of the total archwing weapon set are used with any regularity).

When are you going to give your long term players some REAL end game content? Some rewards worth grinding for? 50 vitus for an emote is not a decent reward; it's insulting.

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Thank you for the update. If I could request a feature for the next one it would be some way to get Login weapons back once you earn them whether a Simaris blueprint or simply the login giving you a reusable blueprint as well as a weapon.

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So arbitrations gets a major update before Kuva does?  When was the last time Kuva Survival got some love?   Were people really asking you guys to take away a part of arbitration that makes it arbitration?   I feel like this was sort of a waste of a update. 

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Now that I've performed some Arbi rescue squad, the revive feature can be cool.

I really think those revive tokens need to be an optional pickup, instead of getting smacked on the moment a drone dies. That way we can coordinate and clear the wave before we get nerfed by the debuff.

I also wish there had been a limit on revives per player. Allowing repeated death in Arbitration seems like a bad look to me.

My main problem with Arbs is still just that loot rotation. The Endo spam gets real old, and we need something else to drop after more of these waves. Something as simple as an extra Vitus Essence or low count Kuva could change it up just a little.


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8 hours ago, symonia said:

Oh yeah definitely, the time it takes to get it is maddening, but pretending like archguns have absolutely zero value outside of profit taker just makes me wonder why he refuses to use anything other than an un-formatted basic Imperator :v

Ok well maybe he was going a little extreme, but honestly, unless you were one of those people that enjoyed staying in a mission for an hour or 2+, it would be unlikely the rewards would affordable to a person. It's tough bruh, one complaint that most players have and no one could deliver on it. Or, they chose to ignore it.

And for archguns, that's probably because besides larkspur and impertor, there isn't much love for those guns outside of archwing much. It's supposed to be an addition and not to be used all the time (hence the cooldown), but that still doesn't explain why it has to be an actual grind to get a chance at something that will probably be what you don't want (I know I'm speaking in a lot of ifs and buts).

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