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Ember ideas

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Passive: Overheat

This should be changed. Prehaps she has an overheat bar, like the exploiter, that augments her abilities with each cast. It would make sense witha caster. For each percent of overheat Ember gains 1% extra damage for her abilities and 1% extra heat damage for her guns. Make it drain 1% per second making keeping overheat up a priority. Prehaps at max overheat she gains a boon on each of her abilities? I'll explain one each one.



Keep this the same but remove that charge mechanic and the lingering mechanic. Instead have it scale with overheat. Each tick of overheat reduces the energy cost of this ability by .5% maxing out at 50% reduction to energy cost. At max overheat, this ability changes and becomes a shot gun like brust of fire infront of Ember, similar to Banshee's sonic boom. The blast should stagger enemies much like Blazing Chakram and instantly heat proc them. The burnt floor can have it's one status chance. This ability is two handed and will interrupt gun fire and reload animations.



This ability should stay relatively  the same as well but remove the stun, allow me to explain. Accelerant should be a channeled ability. When activated, Ember releases a noxious gas from her that is quite flammable, this gas causes enemies to stagger as the gas assaults them. Any ability cast while this is channeled will cause a radial explosion around Ember in the effect range of the gas that also staggers. This ability would also scale with overheat increasing ability casting speeds by 1% per stack of overheat and grant .25x more heat damage per stack. At max overheat, the stagger becomes a full knockdown. Each explosion proced from this ability counts towards overheat as a seperate casted ability.


Fire Blast

This ability needs to be changed. It does not work with the caster style as it is more of a buffing ability to guns. This is not Ember's purpose. Make this ability a reaction. Ember conjures a herself a sheild of flame, briefly granting immortality. She then retaliates with a surging wall of fire infront of her that does 10% maximum hp damage. This wall marks enemies. Marked enemies take a percentage of all incoming damage as heat damage on top of the original damage.

Say your gun does 100 damage, well now you hit the enemy for that hundred plus, lets say 10% conversion, 10 heat damage on top.

This percentage only scales with the damage taken while invincible scaling up to a additonal 100% damage dealt as heat. At max overheat, the wave goes from frontal only to aoe around Ember and doubles the percentagehp damage. This ability is one handed during the invincibility phase and does not interrupt gun fire or reloading animations. The animation of the fire wall is two handed and will interrupt gun fire and reload animations.


World on Fire

This ability should play into the rest of her kit. Rather than being activated and left to run, this ability should facilitate the use of her other abilities and passive. So I propose this. Ember sets herself ablaze, every cast she takes surges the floor with flames that spread further  and further, leave a lingering effect of fire scorching everything.

Basically, Ember sets herslef ablaze and begins pulsing fire wave, think water ripples, that burn every thing ther path. This ability has a very long range but does rather low base damage, however, each ripple increases the damage scaling infinitely. The ripples travel endlessly until the whole map is covered. Now i know what you are thinking, it is another Saryn, it is but with caveat. This ability has an effect range where the scaling damage is dealt. That effect range is line of sight. Any enemies out of LoS take the initial base damage ticks which is mediocre at best. This is truly a World on Fire.

Now this ability is a duration based ability. When activated the LoS effect range is turned on, otherwise the mediocre tick damage is constantly in effect. To get the ripples, Ember must use overheat. Everytime overheat is filled, a ripple comes from Ember. This ripple will deal the inital base damage to enemies and set them ablaze. This will cause overheat to instantly empty after a short period of time. When activated, Ember surges the LoS area and upping the tick damage to whatever stack she is at currently. The initial tick also staggers the enemies and lights them on fire. This ring will proc the explosion from Accelerant. The activation of this ability is one handed and will not interrupt gun fire or reload animations. The inital cast is two hanfed and will interrupt gun fire and reload animations. 

This ability is great for survials and defense as she can control when to raze her world of fire or leave it as a minor hindrance to the enemy hordes. It is weaker in exterminates and rescues but that is why her other abilites exist. The casting of this interrupts gun fire and reload animations. Ember is also forced to the ground when casting this ability much like Rhino is. As for this ability in open world. It is not feasible to let it travel the entire map. So it will have it will only have the effect range on those maps. The effect range will have to be the affinity range on those maps. Futhermore, due to hardware limitations, DE can opt to have the floor only show red aura rather than actualy flames. A whole map of fire would be alot to process.

My whole thought procces when thinking up this rework is what is Ember's core? She is and alway will be and aoe damage caster frame. She is not a buffer, she is not an afk frame, she is not tanky caster. She is squishy but deals high damage. This rework to me makes her more like a fire. It starts of small, but if un controlled becomes an inferno. She should not be a mere ember in the fire pit barely burning. She should be a wildfire, a maelstrom of flames! Burning through her enemies with ease!

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