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Did a 60 minute fissure survival for the nightwave, and even though we got the 60 minute reward, extraction told us we only did 59m 59s

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Me and a friend completed a 60 minute fissure survival yesterday for the nightwave, and while we reached extraction at the 60:00 mark, and recieved the 60 minute wave reward, we both lost our final relic drop, and didn't recieve the nightwave standing because our mission timer stated that we had only been in the mission for exactly 59m:59s. I (lunarianguard) personally lost a braton prime reciever, but my friend iolitemakaras lost a chroma prime chassis in the bug. The included screenshot is from iolitemakara's game as I accidentally lost my last mission results screen by going to cetus before screenshotting it. pfdQHlF.jpg

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