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Playing PS4 Conclave regularly noticed the Staticor being unusually powerful compared to other secondaries in the game mode, I'll describe the ways I think its unbalanced and others might agree

I personally dont have any issue with the Staticor's damage output, my main gripe with it is its large AoE explosion (something that isn't helped by P2P latency and ghost range) from my experience this weapon being used a both a crutch and counter is annoying. A lobby would become nothing but Staticor spam to counter someone elses Staticor spam and the game would just become a 1 to 1 Kill/Death match that's no fun to play, and all the colourful AoE hurts my eyes. 

It's hard to describe the Staticor and make it sound worthy of some sort of nerf in text, but hopefully the other real conclave players on the forum can see how the Staticor has issues especially in a lobby full of Staticor users.

(Brief way I'd personally nerf Staticor, cut down the AoE and add self damage to the explosion, dont touch damage values.)

EDIT: Just found out it auto releases when you just jump into someone, never mind just remove it from PvP I gave Staticor users too much credit thinking they actually had to try to release it point blank nope its Automatic gg Nidus users 

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I'm wondering here. Since they changed the weapon, does it have line-of-sight and radial fall-off? Because from what I remember, AoE weapons should have those.

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Zaws were removed not too long ago and for a good reason. I for one, am in favor of removing the weapon entirely. I remember when the Arca-Plasmor was introduced to the game. It single handedly destroyed the conclave pop. numbers. It had a large AOE radius and nearly impossible to evade so Conclave devolved into who had the best skill with the notorious no-skill cannon. It took about a year for it to get fixed.

Any weapon that is not hitscan needs to be monitored closely, but we can see this clearly isn't the case. The Conclave is the dirty broom cupboard of Warframe: No one really likes it, it has tools strewn haphazardly about the place, rarely cleaned and a pain to get someone to clean it every once and awhile.

I can handle beam weapons, melee being unbalanced and a lot of other nonsense but elemental damage especially if it has screen tear, bleed, blur, color shift, color sap or any other screen mess needs to be handled properly.

Heat, Electric, Toxin and cold are managable but radiation is not. Radiation is a plague upon the Conclave, which is what the Staticor is.

The Staticor seems to maintain its PVE blast radius which is wholly unacceptable for the Conclave. When the weapon becomes more powerful and useful than other weapons due to no need for LOS, a large blast radius, high AOE damage and screen manipulation it needs to be looked at and it needed a look last week.

Conclave is a mess and I really despise the grind to unlock some of the coolest skins in the game. But I digress.

The Staticor either needs to

1) be removed entirely

2) have its blast radius cut by about 75%

3) remove the ability to charge the weapon

4) have a minimal ammo count

Point 4 would work out easy enough if it cut the amount of charged shots you could loose to about 2 before needing to chase down extra ammo pickups and limiting each pickup good for half a charge so you'd need to pick up two to get a full charge shot. The ammo is almost paired so this shouldn't be a problem.

We shouldn't be forced to jink multiple times (5? More?) When a single hit is enough to sink certain Warframes.

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On 2019-04-26 at 8:44 AM, (PS4)No_Skill0508 said:

Playing PS4 Conclave

On 2019-04-26 at 9:02 AM, (PS4)lokaspoka said:

amprex staticor mios bad op for pvp 

Quick note that the console variant of Conclave is significantly different in that it appears to be impossible for controller users to bullet jump anywhere besides directly forwards.
(Low variability of aim speed due to physical limitations of joysticks prevents the quick look-asides required to issue sideways/backwards bullet jumps.)

As a result, controller users spend more time on the ground and are less capable of dodging telegraphed attacks, hence the relative perceived strength of weapons like the Amprex and Mios, which are anywhere from mediocre to terrible in PC Conclave.

Console Conclave should have independent balancing which accounts for the limitations of controllers.

On 2019-04-26 at 8:44 AM, (PS4)No_Skill0508 said:

the colourful AoE hurts my eyes

Do you not even have graphics options on console?

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