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Spring 2019 Featured Dojo Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Clan Name : Warframe  Dynasty

Clan Tier: Storm

Clan Platform; Ps4

Clan Role: Warlord and architect





I created the dojo based on the feats of valor of defeating the eidolon and Orb Spider and thanks to the founding warlord who gave me the title of warlord to make these awesome rooms to make this clan look as cool as possible.


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Clan Name : Black Sand Hashashin 

Tier : Ghost

Platform : PS4 

Role : Warlord/Founder of the clan. 

Hello Tenno! this is my entry, We're super humble & would like to share the creativity with the community. Thank you ahead of time if you like it. We consider it to be a home in space. We hope it at least gets some thumbs up. Ty again. ❤️ imageproxy.php?img=&key=32844a51822c982a            BSH-COVER-FOTO.jpg    lounge-4.jpglounge-3.jpglounge-2.jpglounge-1.jpg  featured-dojo-image.jpgtrailer-5.jpgtrailer-4.jpgtrailer-3.jpg     trailer-2.jpgtrailer-1.jpgboat-4.jpgboat-3.jpgboat-2.jpgboat-1.jpgwater-dragon-2.jpgwater-dragon-1.jpgwater-chopper-3.jpgwater-chopper-2.jpgwater-chopper-1.jpgorokin-car-3.jpgorokin-car-2.jpgorokin-car-1.jpg



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The Original posted linked video was too long. exceeded 3 minutes.but I corrected it. Also the chained dragon picture that has no menus on it, is my feature picture.
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We would love to enter one of these contests, sometime in the future.

But we ain't getting nowhere, as long as we keep struggling with these issues...



Godspeed, and best of luck, to all participating clans. :heart:

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Clan Name: Balers Crew

Clan tier: Shadow 

Clan Platform: PS4

Clan Role: Founding Warlord

 The Balers have been through a lot even just playing for 7 months, I'd like to thank the whole Waframe Community for teaching us and helping us grow and become like a family so Thanks, Enjoy our Dojo!




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Emissaries of Entropy

Ghost clan

Xbox one

Founding warlord

This is a orokin dojo with heavy tenno influence and the respective labs having their own unique designs bases of off the factions. Some influence can be gotten from many hours of elder scrolls games and seeing other fellow tenno dojos. The time spent perfectly setting each fixture to capture those inspirations makes it more then somewhere to just trade with others.


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EDIT: for some reason I signed into my pc account not xbox before typing this. This is still for Xbox One.
Well I wasn't quite ready to put this together but today's the day I show off the Netoku Embasy's Dojo! ( yes it's just 1 s- censore bot stuff it's ok )

After roughly 1 year 7 months I have slowly (mostly) Solo funded my own Dojo! 4 Floors and all but a Hema funded for our Clan Labs, Today i'll be showing off the current progress of the Netoku Embasy Dojo.
NOTE! I won't be showing ALL of the Dojo, there's too much to go over, only highlights of each floor.

( Special Thanks to NutsPolar and ToastyChief for helping fund the last bits of our Clan's Labs and decor )

  • Clan name: Esper Sparks96
  • Clan tier: Ghost Clan
  • Clan platform: Xbox One
  • Your Clan role: Founder & Architect

    I'll Start from Bottom to Top

    Floor 1: The Netoku Sol Observatory, the Lounge and Camp Seedlits 


    The Observatory is themed after mars, earth, Lua and Venus with pillars decorated to their environments, along with some plant life to make the Observatory more .. relaxing


    The Lounge is an Orokin focused themed room for Players to meet and interact with one another in their downtime. here you will also find a small Xmas themed area kept up on permanent display. Despite the detail I put into this room I oddly never come here- but it is still a favorite among a few rooms I've done for the Dojo.


    Camp Seedlits an a darkly lit foresty environment players can play in- however as one of many themed rooms it's mostly as practical as a Captura Scene minus the ability to take nice shots I'm afraid. The camp includes a fully set camp area with comfy tower flesh pillows, a bench in the background and spooky blue eyed floofs for atmosphere! Please be careful when attending your tenno, we don't want them getting lost bwahahahah

    i'm currently working on plans for two conclave theme-rooms designed on a cave and an orokin cage fighting ring. The more ambitious projects came around the end of floor 2 and the beginning of 3; speaking of let's move onto floor 2!

    Floor 2 ( The Research Central District): The Honored Tenno room ( I'll explain why only one in a moment )


    The Honored Tenno room is inspired by the designs of Raw Steel's Tennoheim room- with more of a natural and slightly simpler approach- not that the 400+ morphics was easy to get ahah.
    This room will be used for Future event s such as Art Contests, Hunting or Fishing Contests and Top contributors for the clan and it's resources- whether it be normal or special items from official events Like Operations. 

    As for WHY I do not have custom shots of the other halls or themed faction lab rooms- the labs are still lackluster for what I could do with the, and I was a dunderhead for not saving shots of the rooms connecting to them ( you'll have to find those for yourself I suppose )

    Floor 3: The Grand Hall Shrine, The Orokin Throne room, The Grineer Observatory & my most favorite room sofar- The Guardian's Retreat !


    https://i.imgur.com/nntvPWA.mp4 ( a looped video of the shrine in motion, just a Closer look- and forgive the unfinished trophy no one but me funded them when the event came )
    The Grand Hall Shrine is the current Spawn room for our Dojo- its colors and design were inspired by my ember's white red and gold look. Like most rooms this place was designed in a spur of random inspiration and ... a good bit of throwing props around. The topside shrine is my Symbol- in any art I do I use that as a sort of Insignia- i decided to Incorporate it in various rooms throughout the dojo. You can even see it in our clan badge ( note our badge's symbols read Netoku Embassy Alliance )
    lastly though you wont be able to see it from here we have a sub theme regarding the Corpus and Grineer somewhat fighting for space in parts of the dojo, in a sense as a non violent turf war- or If you prefer a heated battle for space between room mates.


    pVgKdiq.pnghe Orokin Throne room was meant to be a Place for hosting announcments ingame to a vast ammount of dedicated players- and with the seating it would also be a place for me to host trials for players to settle discrepencies between one another.
    I honestly only see it going as far as a royal Orokin rp room for players to mess with im afraid ^-^" 
    If any room needed the forgotten promise of NPC's ( and music player options ) this'd be one of the most necessary rooms.


    The Grineer Observatory is as it sounds, An observatory themed after the Grineer! The design somewhat was meant to mirror a tile room from the Grineer ships around I believe Saturn. Though nothing to spectacular here it's still a nice looking Navigation room players will most likely be pulled to; do to the inner workings of the game's menu systems.


    The Guardian's Retreat, one of a few rooms inspired by personally one of the best dojos ever made- the Raw steel clan Dojo 
    The Retreat is a somewhat recreation of one of their rooms with a smaller design. Players may meet here simmilarly to the Throne room to hear of special events and make announcements to the community in the center monument as well as a temple in the backmost area for players to meet and plan out missions, trials ( when they return ), kingpin opperations and more! I also made a small shrine dedicated to to the player who helped fund the thick of the resources- ToastyChief !!!!
    like a few other natural rooms, keep an eye out for critters hidden in the bush!

    Floor 4: Netoku Embasy's Theatron Cinema, 2b's Garden and the orokin Gravity Garden


    The Theatron is themed after Gmod's Official Cinema lobby and theater room.
    The theater uses 5 poster displays- sadly rather small but gives the feeling nonetheless for the upcomming movies you can watch! We also have stocked foods in the counters from Fortuna and Cetus from spices to fruits to packaged snacks! WE EVEN HAVE A SLUSHIE MAKER!!! Also though not important, we made a working restroom- never thought i'd be proud to have built a toilet in a video game. 
    The theater room is semi lackluster due to the limitations of props but I was able to capture the idea of a working theater screen, large surround speakers and a back room for operating the two theater rooms.


    2b's room was made and even now is still indev based on the somewhat Iconic room from Neir Automata. I wont lie, seeing a certain prime time for PC gave me the need to make my own version. My only complaint is we still need roughly 27 more Neurodes to fund these bloody white flowers!!!


    Finally, the Gravity garden! 
    After a friend of mine gave me a tour of his winning Dojo from the last event- I decided to remake a room based on the Ordinary Tenno's Gravity defying garden but with my own personal twists to the room. While looking around you might notice books lying around- please return them to our manga loving Titania . . . she refers to them as "Corpus research"

     Now then As it stands I don't know if our clan will win whatsoever for this event but my only real concern is if the community will like what has been done here. This clan took me close to 2 years of slow grind and design and redesign- and RE-Redesign. Thanks to Nuts and Toasty we got the last 10%-ish of the resources funded for our dojo's labs and rooms + Decor. This Dojo is meant to give players the ability to explore and have fun with their friends while the Clan itself will focus on encouraging players to do more with each other than join for some free blueprints and a cheap trade room. I'm hoping I can make this community do more than most have accomplished while Im still around to be there for my friends here on warframe. 

     Tbh I dont care about the rewards- any platinum will simply go to bettering the details of our clan's looks with more interesting decor items !
    I wont ask for a bazillion likes or shares galor Tenno but if you like how the dojo has turned out to be- if you've seen wip shots from other sites or on the forums in the past two years- feel free to help us out any way you can :3

        Thank you everyone !!! 

    ( also help get DE to reply when or if we're still getting npc's and music for rooms ok ;w;
     it's been over a year and Idk if it's just been delayed or they dropped it and never said so 💔  )
    ((( also also- jut a suggestion- a large aquarium or full on nature room for fish and tagged animals- donate fish to the tank like your ship and donate tags to plug in an animal for a zoo room :3 )))

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18 hours ago, Molasses said:

come visit the dedest and best clan in the game

wow that's the first time i'e seen one of the original clan rooms- you've been around for awhile ey?

not sure what all of your rooms are but hoping there's more to see than a trophy room

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Clan name: YGGDRASILL 

Tier: Moon

Platform: Ps4

Clan Role:Founding Warlord 

Feature Image The Throne of Odin http://imgur.com/RYSvROa

We are Yggdrasill we are a Norse themed rank 10 five year old moon clan on PS4.

Every room tells a story and has a deep meaning relating to our clan theme.

Valhalla: Our mainroom is an architectural marvel and an amazing use of space a stony entry staircase to odins throne and floating staircase to resource vault and trade kiosk with panoramic view of alll the rooms features is the true meaning of “first impressions”

Stairway to Valhalla http://imgur.com/lHYKS7S

Valhalla mean hall http://imgur.com/uBslggV

Top view of Valhalla and the tre “glasir”http://imgur.com/uSCuoDI

Odins Throne http://imgur.com/RYSvROa

Ice serpent floating platforms http://imgur.com/qpcccLC

Lower view Valhalla http://imgur.com/lPvJF54

The Great Hall of Jormungandr the world serpent lays guard to our hidden leadership council meeting room and mead hall:

A view of the World Serpent http://imgur.com/tve2Y2q

Entry to the Yggdrasill leadership council mead hall http://imgur.com/Fu0DhRw

a congregation of The Nine Worlds of Yggdrasill http://imgur.com/0q8D4CE

Jormugandr looks on http://imgur.com/Pk2rtdR

The Skidbladnir “wood blade” our own Viking raid ship!

angle view http://imgur.com/piz7BdE

side view http://imgur.com/CtYn1aj

A view through the bifrost forest http://imgur.com/OHmxlu5

Yggdrasill The tree of Life the centre of life of The Nine Worlds! Our own living breathing emblem! And a nice atmosphere to trade inner and outer observatory

The World Tree http://imgur.com/dKGypBD

Southern observation masonry work http://imgur.com/JPusMKe

Entry to The Nine Realms of Norse http://imgur.com/mzTxPV5

Yggdrasill trading http://imgur.com/Zw4WfdG

“The Twilight of the Gods” Jormungandr appears from the depths to battle his rival Thor! The Goddess Freya battles The Fire Giant Surtr! And The Great Odin confronts The Great Wolf Fenrir and The Mischievous Loki!


The Goddess Freya http://imgur.com/1OnaLxd

Jormungandr reappears! http://imgur.com/qsKkpX5

Surtr and Thor http://imgur.com/Dkjcnrp

Loki and Fenrir http://imgur.com/TfjfOJ7

Odin http://imgur.com/69Bnphn

Odin engages Fenrir and Loki http://imgur.com/QFVoxwO

The Mischievous Loki http://imgur.com/zLf8amN

Thank you so much for your time there is much much more to our Dojo please enjoy our passion and hard work OOF👏🏽👊🏽🤙🏾🔱

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Clan Name: Dark Cats 
Tier: Shadow
Platform: PS4
Role: Pride Master/ Architect

Here A 2:29 min video:

Picture of some of the video and not in the video:











This is a Work in Progress but we hope you Come And Visit Our Peaceful Dojo And Hope You Enjoy The time of your Life. I hope Warframe Still visit Thought Dojo that Doesn't win so People Can All Idea make warframe to be the Best Game for more Generation more.

Dark Cats Clan is Made up with Multiple different type Of Tenno's From Tenno that have a disability to the most skilled player. Our Clan Size has 18 members and really like Warframe. Our Clan Love to help Our Clan in and not in our Alliance. We like helping New Player find the Enjoyment from playing a team and helping All Tenno's small-tall. I Have been Apart of Dark Cats Clan when My Wife The Owner couldn't stay in a Clan because She was active as mush as I was. So When was Kicked for being inactive because we only have one system, She made Dark Cats and I left to help her and people like her. 

When I Join Dark Cats It was only 2 people in the clan and now we are at 18 tenno's. We Stand Together!!!   Dark Cats Clan Dojo Always Changes after we Enter a Dojo Content And If We Don't Win, We Change it, and Try again until we do win. We would Like to Win Someday. Hope Soon.

                                                                                                                  Dark Cats Clan Thank You!!


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Clan name: Dark Matter Collective

Clan tier: Ghost

Clan platform: XB1

Your Clan role: Founding Warlord

Feature image:


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Clan name: TheCyberSpaceRenegades

Clan tier: Ghost Clan (Rank 10)

Clan platform: XboxOne 

Your Clan role: Clan founder and 1 of 2 architects

Feature Video


Special thanks to Dr Mechwarrior for all your materials :3 & thanks to Rufffy455 who is also an arcitect of the Future 😉

Hope you all like it & it would be a pleasure to get in the top 3 🙂

( Fyi our Dojo exists since Feb. 2019 )

Greetings: iG Electrifcfeel

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Clan name change
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Blood Oath Legion Is a shadow clan on ps4. I founded it a while back but anyways this is our dojo starting with our Main Entry Hall, Training Grounds, Tenno room of honor, B.O.L Trophy room, B.O.L event room, Corpus room of honor, Grineer room of honor, Infestation room of honor, Orkin room of honor, and our Nature room of honor. Enjoy fellas.


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Very impressive dojos! I don't think I'll participate this time around, but maybe in the future (if there is another one).

When entering the contest, do we have to show every aspect of the dojo or can we show just highlights?

Also, how are people able to have text incorporated into their dojos?

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