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Abilities that prevent status effect not fully working on PoE - Rivens Unveling bug - "without being affected by status effects" abilities not preventing Riven reset.

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I have Rivens to kill Dargyns without being being affected by status effects. One of them requiring Archwing mode, the other not.

I have tried Inaros with Negation Swarm, and also  Amesha's Warding Grace.

Mission was invite only, I was the host playing alone. 

In Plains of Eidolon, the abilities are not completely preventing status procs. 

I can see the status procs icons showing that Inaros was being affected by status procs - this happened several minutes after I had my Negation Swarm up. Maybe Negation Swarm is deactivationg after a few minutes.

Amesha's ability is not completely preventing status procs as well. Maybe it is only preventing status from archwing enemies, but not from the ground, which is silly. Things as tiny as a little bump on terrain, no matter how slow, are causing the Riven unveil to reset as well. 

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