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Assassins: Lockdown Type, Content Ideas

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Current assassins kind of feel like the mosquito you see trying to land on you while trekking through the woods. Annoying, you can bring some extra gear just to handle them, but merely an insect, after all. I hope to conjure up some variety to the difficulty in games: A new assassin unit that spawns randomly, Lockdown Assassins. 

  • At any point beyond 10 minutes into a mission, there is a 6% chance per rotation to spawn a lockdown assassin.
  • These lockdown assassins are themed to the current mission's faction, but there are also rogue-types and void types.
  • Several classes could be used here, from tankier, to fast moving melee, to shadow versions of the warframes (etc)
  • These specialized units will attempt to isolate a teammate by locking them in a room alone.
  • The assassin spawns inside the room with the solo teammate, possessing improved speed, damage, and armor.
  • *These units will address the player just as any assassin would before making an appearance*.
  • Teammates must be x-distance for y-time away from teammates before they are considered targets.
  • The room can be breached by teammates via access panel after 2 minutes.
  • Upon breach, the assassin will either flee or enrage based on type.
  • If the assassin wins, dies, or flees, there is a cooldown of 15 minutes before it is considered capable of spawning again.
  • Assassins cannot spawn in open world, large open areas of tilesets, or very small rooms (like corridors).
  • All lockdown assassins have a 100% drop rate for a rare mod, unaffected by Nekros. They can also drop cosmetics, parts.
  • **1000% optional: These units also have a chance of dropping a corrupted item which allows the player to enter stalker form in other player's missions.

*Thoughts: A player would get the dimming screen visual, but could have split-seconds to rejoin their team, or allow a teammate to join.

**Thoughts2: I worry that I cloud my concept here with a second, more debatable one. Player-controlled stalker was a concept featured in Prime Time #214 that hasn't been implemented. I understand there are very wildly different arguments against a mode type like this. Devs cited not having a lore-friendly reason to implement this. 


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