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Strange Archgun Issue

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As you probably know, people tend to use Helene on Saturn for leveling up weapons and warframes. I think I might have found a bug relating to the archgun for that area.

I've been using my archgun (Imperator Vandal) in the mission there. It's worked pretty well, but after the first use and cooldown period, when I call it a second time, it lasts only for a short time, then unequips itself again. It's as if it had run out of ammo almost immediately after being summoned. After that, I get a much shorter cooldown on the weapon... about a minute... but am unable to call it down again, even after the timer has expired a second time.

I might be wrong, but doesn't the archgun refill ammo during the cooldown, or is it a partial reload? (EDIT: I tested this again and yes, the gun was fully reloaded, but vanished before I ran out of bullets the second time around.) This might explain the issue, but other than there not being any ammo left in the gun after the first use and no ammo being reloaded into it, I don't understand why I would be unable to use it for very long the second time, and unable to call it at all a third time.

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