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Thanks for watching Devstream #127!

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Looking forward to the new stuff, the new UI looks very nice.

Hopefully Khora deluxe will be ingame soon.


Guessing you will run the giveaway you didn't do in a fortnight? Have a feeling this thread will be spammed with that question.

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New mission type seems like in a team, its gonna be a multi target defense thats going to get incredibly chaotic the longer you go. Seems like a way to make CC frames more viable, but nullifiers will be more of a pain then usual in that tight defense area

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I was hoping this devstream would involve Melee 3.0 progress and some acknowledgement of the game's current RNG issue (Ephemera, Wolf Mask, Aura Forma, etc).
Melee "2.9999" is implemented very awkwardly at the moment, and the RNG for new drops within the past 5 months is just bat-crap insane. Like, garbage-that-I'd-expect-from-the-likes-of-Nexon levels of insane.

There has been a ton of feedback about these things over the past several months, but there's been only silence from DE's end. I was hoping that the devs would at least acknowledge that they're reading our feedback to begin with, but... not today, apparently.



Just watched the last bit of the stream, and yes, DE says they'll be increasing the droprates of most of these ephemera. No mention of the wolf mask. No mention of the sheer insanity of these drop rates aside from "yeah most ephemera drop rates are going to be increased".

It's a bit reassuring that they have indeed looked at our feedback about ephemera RNG, but... I don't like the sound of simply increasing the drop rates. Even if they quadruple the drop rates for the current ephemera, they'll still be grindier than any other item by several orders of magnitude.

Relevant post from the subreddit:

Increasing the drop rates isn't enough. Every single ephemera in the game should be changed to a "merit-based" instead of "luck-based" drop.

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So... we're getting Khora Deluxe (aka Pregnant Khora), but not Mirage... M'kay...

Jupiter Remaster looks neat, but that game mode... Seriously, why is every mode in Warframe made to work like any game BUT Warframe? That's just Mobile Defense, if that. Sit around, do eff all. Very Warframe-like in a game about hyperactive children bouncing like balls from every single wall, eh? Ugh... Still, looking forward to the Flydolon.

Oh and, THANK YOU for making Railjack actually be 3D space rather than a 2D box where you can always tell which way is up or down. Could do with some more skewed asteroids, but what I saw looked pretty good.


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I'm incredibly excited for the new game mode! Speaking of, I have a concern regarding lore / quest progression in regards to both this new mode, the new nodes on Jupiter, and Alad's dialogue in-mission and how it relates to the current flow of lore (which is somewhat broken). It's clear that lore-wise the introduction of the Amalgams is supposed to be after Apostasy Prologue, and Alad directly references its events.

Will the Disruption node on Jupiter be locked behind quest completion to maintain internal lore progression / sense-making? Alad's trajectory as a(n idiot) villain digging into things he shouldn't is directly tied to event and quest progression, which is already a little skewed since Patient Zero is unlocked after Second Dream despite taking place timeline-wise before it. Allowing immediate access to the node via normal means could confuse new players of lore / timeline progression, with or without the dialogue referencing the events of Apostasy Prologue.

On a different note, with the new Emissive and Ability dual-colour update, will equipped Ephemera borrow from Emissive or Ability colour slots? Or will it be reassigned to borrow its colour from Attachments?

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I really like the changes to upgrading previously enhanced relics. Now I can tell my squad mates to stay until round 5 on void fissure endless missions and tell them that the free relics can be upgraded to radiant 🙂 

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The following is copied from my post in the wisp feedback thread, but it is relevant here as well.


The devstream just finished... Wisp still looks like a massive dissatpointment. She's STILL overly reliant on her stationary buff alters, stationary being the very thing they're reworking Vauban away from... Also the buffs are still underwhelming, and they're still looking to just be Titanias buffs all over again. We hardly saw any of her 3, but i assume its still tied to her stationaries. Her 2 still looks great. Her 4... WHY are you giving her a big fire beam while completely gimping ember? her 4 and 1 does not fit her themes at all, they're flowers and sun.

Speaking of not fitting... She's still a mess of theming. Her model is your typical ghost, complete with floating in mid-air and having invisible feet, just like ghosts in photos and so. Her theme is still supposedly "portals", but none of her abilities reflect this in the slightest, its summoning buff flowers, making an illusion, making the buff flowers pulse damage, and a big sun beam, this has NOTHING to do with portals. And finally her abilities like i just said just does not fit with anything, its flowers and sunlight... that's borderline druid or sun shaman stuff, it is neither ghost (appearance) nor portals (stated theme). 

Her abilities are great... but NOT for this frame. and her 4 just does not fit in at all.


Finally, i just want to reiterate that this is a MASSIVE slap in the face to ember, her abilities seem to showcase smoldering flames/light, and her 4 is a big freaking fire beam... Yet ember is getting none of this love, what uses does ember even have at this point? Why is she not getting the awesome fire beam?


I'm personally feeling very disillusioned, it seems to me that DE has not even looked at the feedback in this thread (The wisp early feedback thread)... at all.

Given how close Wisp is to release, it sadens me that they did not even acknowledge the discussions in the early feedback thread...

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Well that was arguably...underwhelming although there were a couple of nice bits of news.

Tennogen reveals: Meh.

QOL UI tweaks: Yay....I guess? Will have to see ingame for myself to pass judgement.

Gas city rework: Nice visuals, another spongy boss, so yay....I guess? Again, need to wait and see.

Wisp: Still arguably dull despite her 4...which isn't very "wisp-like".

Amalgam Enemies: What's the point of them - aside from showing off what happens when MOAs / Drones get drunk and freaky with Sentients?

Separate Emissive and Ability colors: MUCH appreciated.

Melee rework: No real news is arguably bad news.

New enemies: An enemy that can only be killed via melee. Oh...joy...this is as great an idea as having enemies that force us to use guns.

Wukong rework: News on the NEXT stream? Really?

Vauban rework: News on this...when?

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