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Profile and Steam Achievements mismatches

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I don't know if this is the correct place to report these, if not, please tell me the appropriate method.

I noticed in my equipment profile that the "Bad Baby" k-drive is blanked out and not listed as mastered under vehicles.  I have a level 30 Bad Baby in my inventory, though.  I'd really, really prefer to avoid have to rebuild and spend the time releveling a k-drive.

Additionally, when looking at my in-game Challenges and my Steam accomplishments there are five I see completed in-game, but not in Steam.

Airborn Exterminator

Money Can't Buy Happiness

Moa Money, Moa Problems

Hang Tenno

Animal Lover

What can I do to get my Steam account synced?

Also, Steam has the achivement "Grand Master" while in-game has "True Master" as future rank names.

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Nobody from staff cares about it. You have achievements in actual game, you need extra flex coins?
If you REALLY need these achievements, create new acc and get what you need.

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