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Elite survival concept

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im going to be referencing some grineer names for this concept

its is basically a more rewarding survival mode

  1. base enemy spawn numbers are 40 per player and 10 eximus units in them
  2. each 2:30 min a rathuum enemy unit will spawn ----- it will have a guaranteed drop of a random rare mod (rathuum number of enemies spawn will increase by +2 each 2:30min)
  3. each 5:00 min a mini boss enemy will spawn (ex: vor/ lech krill/ hek) ------ they will drop a random weapon blueprint  (mr of weapon will increase each 5min)
  4. each 10:00 min a boss room will spawn with an epic boss fight (ex: tyl regor/ kela de thym/ chicken form hek) -------they will deop 500 endo or 2000 kuva (kuva reward will increase by 500 and endo by 250 each 10min)
  5. each 20:00 min number of enemy spawn per player will increase by +20
  6. each 60:00 min the grustrag 3 will spawn (but they will be balanced like the wolf of saturn aka cant be one shotted that fast) ----- they will drop new primed mods

so thats pretty much it, pretty simple and challenging enough 😛

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And it's for 8 players...and while your are surviving you random have a second objective pop up and you must protect or complete. Like a random Intercept mission where player must maintain all 4 towers at the same time in order to hack.

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