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Thrown weapons/Nezha Chakram

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So, it's been going for a while, and You as DE promised will look into things considering Nezha rework, but since then almost nothing changed. Thrown weapons and their collision detect and bounces + target tracking is broken still. It would be fun to use some of the more weapons considering we can have Glaive + Kitgun for ultimate fun combo, but considering playing even as a host and seeing time and time again as the Glaive/Chakram/Falcon bounces off something which is not the enemy when it clearly should, and then flying off the radar, is in all no fun at all. I was hoping that Melee changes would make more work towards achieveing things that work on other types of weapons/frames. Please, get someone to finally acknowledge that this system needs a re-check, and fix at least target tracking. Right now, thrown is used mainly when used as throwing through line of enemies, instead of bouncing. And we have some nice mods which are laying around because they don't work as intended.

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