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Warframe idea/suggestion

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Warframe that specializes in imbuing herself/allies with raw energy for damage, has a hatch/hole on her back for her ultimate ability, has scars(?) on her body where the raw energy drips/flows out of her.
1) She gives herself and one ally, or two allies a elemental damage depending which one you choose by clicking 1 and applying it by holding 1.The reason on only being able to cast it on two people so you can combine the elemental so you can make combined elemental stats, like giving yourself cold while giving your ally electricity etc to deal for this example magnetic with your primary,secondary,melee...

2)Imbue an enemy with your chosen elemental,same picking/choosing mechanic as the previous ability, and make the enemy explode with said elemental, dealing aoe damage around the target.Can pick only two enemies for the same mechanic of making combined elemental damage.

3)Start opening your scars/wounds costing health and energy but leaving a trail of energy that damages enemies that step in it.The element you use depends on your energy color.

4)This is where the hatch comes in.You overload your energy and from the hatch you grow hands made of pure energy with a total of four hands. A hand deals separate damage (one deals heat, one cold, one electricity and one toxin). Clicking the melee button,the shoot button, aim button and the switch weapon button, you hit with a respective hand with respective element. Initial energy cost with a drain.

Passive) When damage is initially dealt on her health bar, she lets out a scream of pain, fearing nearby enemies (Cooldown 30 seconds for balance)

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this should be in fan concepts. not in feedback.


anyways, the 4 seems kinda overcomplicated in terms of control scheme. not to mention we already have a whole host of "exhalted" frames. the 1 is basically a combination of a bunch of existing elemental frames' 1 augment. and could easily be combined with the 2. 3 makes little sense for her theme. same for the passive. all in all, i dont really think this is that great of a frame design, as it is not cohesive enough, and uses mechanics that other frames already have.


heres how i'd design an "elemental master" style frame:

passive: elemental shift, enemies have lowered damage against the warframe when an element that is their weakness is selected, however they have a damage boost for strength. 

1: imbue, imbues allies or enemies with any set element, hold to rotate, this is also how you change your element for the passive. theres no combining. imbueing an ally will give them damage resistance similar to your passive on you, and converts 50% of damage they do to that damage type (not affecting status procs, as it would mess up status builds otherwise), imbueing enemies will cause that element to deal extra damage to them.


2: elemental dash, dashes forward and leaves an energy cloud behind that causes status procs in the set element. 

3: inspect, sets the frames element to the main damage type of the currently equiped weapon of the target (if theres no target, it will take the player), this is how you get combined elementals and IPS (impact, puncture, slash). 

4: zone shift, creates a highlighted zone around the frame, which is then split in X sections. each section can be set to an element by elemental dashing through it, elemental dashing with a different element after that will not change the zone. holding cast with a zone active will extend the time the zone will remain active (so you dont have to reapply elements), imbue effects are auto-applied to any enemy in the zone, as long as they're in the zone. but manual imbue can still be applied on top of that, pressing 4 will collapse the zone, causing every enemy within it to be afflicted by the status effect of each zone. multiple zones of the same type will stack. 

the 4 elemental arms could be a really cool FX for zone shift, maybe instead of scars, it'd be better to have vents. as for the hatch on the back, have it display the icon for whatever element is currently selected so theres a visual cue (similarly to khora's visuals for venari) 



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