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I Really Need Help About 170 Platinum



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colors! lots and lots of colors, make your stuff pretty.


Buy masks and tails and wings and other non-essential things for your sentinel... it will be worth it I swear.


You could always spend it all on resources! NANO SPORES GALORE!!!


Can you say mod pack? I can and it's fun. MOD PACK!!!! Then you can take the mods you get from there and transmutate them and get a common mod!


Fun for everyone when you have platinum!

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The best thing to spend you Plat on are slots, with Catalysts and Reactors soon after. Then I guess you could get some Forma but The Classic Saturated pallet will do much better if you have any spare. Also be careful using potatoes, don't put them in melee (I used to have melee on Left click and I didn't ever need a potato) or if you really want that last mod then only do it to 1 or 2, but not both heavy weapons or both dual etc.

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