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Are Void Spawns Bugged?


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i was just running a T2 exterminate mission in the void and after running through the tower towards the way point for


about 5 minutes i hadnt seen a single enemy.


I get to one of the large square rooms with stairs either side when im suddenly attacked by what felt like every enemy in the


map. Eventually i manage to kill them all and then its mission complete...id killed all 143 ish enemy in one room.


I hope this isnt a new idea for void missions have all enemys hide in one room to ambush you

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I had one the other day where nothing spawned until I reached extract.  I then got told I hadn't cleaned the place and about 20 mobs appeared in the previous room so I went and killed them.  Had to repeat this until I reached the required kills.


Also had a derelict spawn no mobs until we found the capture target and then they appeared from everywhere.  That one was quite good fun, very atmospheric but not sure if it was intended or a bug.

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