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The Wolf of Saturn Six Showdown!


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Fight the Wolf in two Tactical Alerts -- now on all platforms!

The Wolf is on the prowl, Dreamers -- and we know exactly where he and his Fugitives are lurking.

From now until May 13, 2p.m. ET, two Tactical Alerts are here to help you take down the Wolf of Saturn Six. Complete these replayable Alerts before time is up to get your rewards and a guaranteed chance to fight the Wolf!


The Wolf Hunt: Tactical Alert #1 (Level 20-30)

  • One-time reward: 10 Nitain Extract

  • Guaranteed Wolf spawn

The Wolf Hunt: Tactical Alert #2 (Level 50-75)

  • One-time reward: Rifle Riven Mod

  • One-time reward: Stratos Emblem

  • Guaranteed Wolf spawn


After you’ve completed and acquired your one-time rewards, the option to replay either Tactical Alerts is yours! Take on the more challenging Wolf for increased Drop Rates on his goodies, or keep it leisurely with the lower level Wolf.

*You must be at least Nightwave Rank 5 to participate in these Tactical Alerts.

Good luck, Dreamers, and happy hunting!

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This is clearly DE's 'solution' to the continuing complaints about spawn rates... 

I'd have rather have had higher spawn and better part drop rates but (cynic in me) we can't have that because obviously the plat sales of the wolf parts would be hurt...

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