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[NSW] {Fractured Datascape} Is recruiting active players of any skill/mastery level!

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Welcome, to new and old wielders of the Warframes and their incredible power. I am Cephalon_Carinae, creator of the <Fractured Datascape>

We are currently a rank 9 Ghost Clan, with a fully functional and modestly decorated dojo, with most research complete (136/155 non-color items)

Our discord is active and quickly growing, including members from Twitch and other Warframe platforms and associated clans - it is not a requirement to join or be active, but does help us all get the most out of the wonderful community!

Our intention is to grow from this point to include and support all ninTenno, and the clan will rank as small or as large as our community may find itself in need of. We aim to have members of all skill and mastery ranks -

The only requirements to remain a part of our community are to be respectful in your interactions, and to be at least reasonably active in-game (members inactive over 2 weeks without any notification in-game, on discord, or otherwise may be removed to make room for active folks - but we understand the real world, and everyone is welcome back when you return to the Origin system)

Please message me here through a reply, private message, or in game at Cephalon_Carinae

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