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A Barrel Of Suggestions


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I don't know the game engine or the limitations of what DE can do but I think there are a few things that would really add to the total "do whatever the heck you want" concept that I really enjoy about this game.


1. First person. This is a shooter, so naturally I would want the option to hit "J" and go into first person for when I am in tight hallways or when my character is getting in the way of my aiming.


2. Optional weapon selection. Any aspect of a third person game is aesthetic, sometimes I don't want a huge rifle on my back when I am pistol ninjaing around. I want the option to not bring a rifle, a pistol or a melee weapon. Maybe if you don't bring a primary you get a speed boost, or max ammo boost? Or no bonuses, I just want the option.


3. Melee as a weapon I can switch to. Right now you hit "F" and switch back and forth from your primary to secondary. What if I want to just hold my sword out? I want to be able to hit "v" and pull out my sword so that I can use my mouse 1 for attacking and mouse 2 for blocking.


4. Completely unarmed combat. Let's say suggestion 2, above, is implemented. If I do not bring a melee weapon then there should be an innate unarmed melee attack that uses some form of common martial arts. Maybe it could be its own new melee weapon, whatever, I just like to remove clutter on my ninja and maybe I want to do some kung fu.


5. Optional elemental effects on melee weapons. They look cool to some people, but to me I like simple so I want the option to turn off the effects on my long sword.


6. Option to turn off damage numbers. My pistol has 3 elemental mods + base damage + 180% multishot so that's 12 little numbers flying off of my enemies every time I shoot them, when aiming at the small head of a heavy gunner or the thigh of a moving ancient I can't see what I shooting with the wall of numbers blocking the spot. At this point I know the weak points, I know how much damage my gun is doing, I don't need damage numbers anymore. (If there is an option I don't know about that can already turn them off I would love to know)


7. (Mod suggestion) Ammo regen aura. This is the only aura I would ever really consider replacing energy siphon with.


8. Better melee assassination system. I believe that sneak attacks from behind shouldn't just critical, they should kill whatever managed painfully sneak up on and kill without it being aware of you. I love the animations, I just am disappointed when I break a neck and they get back up with half health and shoot me in the face.


9. Slow motion. I know this can get annoying if made spammable, but maybe everytime a tenno goes down the rest of the tennos get adrenaline that slows down everything making it fun to clear the area and revive their friend in the most epic way possible. Or maybe if somebody gets a melee assassination kill, the team gets a few seconds of slow motion, which would be great for people running silent projectile weapons who need the enemy to stop running in circles so fast. 


Thanks for reading, I know some of these will be impossible to ever do, and maybe some are in the works and others are just dumb, but I really know this game has super potential and could blow the faces off of so many other shooters and mmos. 

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I don't personaly realy like any of this options and when you're so screwed that only you are alive slo-mo only delays. The 'turn off damage numbers' idea I like very much because it gives indeed some space to admire the other effects and rampage going on and probally looks a lot cleaner.


Also kogake is the martial art weapon you are looking for on point 4.

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6- I'm with you, numbers should have an on-off switch.


7- Sounds good.


9- NO WAY. I'm completely against that statement, "slo-mo would make it fun".  Perhaps in a solo game, but not here, where it shouldn't be up to me to force slo-mo for the entire group, even if it's unnintencional.


For the rest of suggestions... whatever. It won't affect me, I don't care.

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