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Account Reset And Event Rewards


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Hello all,


I am currently a Mastery rank 10 Tenno with most of the items in the game. I am getting bored and wanted to start over aka reseting. I don't mind losing all my stuff, however, there are some stuff I can't get back, which is the event rewards.


I pretty much participated in all the events since I started playing Warframe, which were long and farmfest. However, if there is an option after the reset to participate in them again to get THE SAME AMOUNT OF REWARDS I RECEIVED BEFORE RESET (this is to make it fair, since I can't just go and get higher points and get rewards that I didn't get before), then I would do them all over again, but I think this is a pain for DE to make.


Therefore, I hope DE would look into this and maybe modify their Account Reset policy to let users to keep event rewards after they reset, even if they charge a price (100-200 platinum, I don't really mind that). That would be awesome of you.


Best regards,


Loyal Warframe player who wants to continue playing.


Edit: Thanks all for replying, I guess it's time for me to part ways with Warframe. It has been a good run, but it's time for me to move on, unless DE reintroduces Account Reset again.

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