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We have been made by the founders of Darken Void a clan that's on all Platforms, extremely active & friendly clan, looking for active members to join our growing community. We primarily use Discord to communicate as we are on different platforms.

I'm looking for experienced (MR15+) players that don't mind helping other with missions or giving out helpful advice. Also anyone how want to learn or just like running helpful Clan's (Warlords). Anyone lower than MR15 can always join DARKEN VOID.

Both our clan's are in the largest & most popular Alliance on [PC] (Guilded Phoenix), hosting regular events for us with fantastic prizes.

"Please don’t join if you can’t respect our rules, this is a mature environment that encourages everyone to take part and our members are International."

1.    Request to Join DARKEN VOID on our FORUM CLUBS @ https://forums.warframe.com/clubs/118-darken-void-ps4-pc/
2.    Contributing to our Dojo Research is MANDATORY (check “Clan Log” in-game).
3.    14 days Inactivity Policy unless on holiday or doing service etc. whereby you need to inform Warlord using Discord. (If you get kicked for inactivity you can rejoin us, you just need to pm me)
4.    Be respectful and honest in your dealings, there will be No PROFANITY, SEXISM, RACISM, RUDENESS, DISRESPECTFULNESS or BULLYING tolerated within Clan or Alliance


Want to start a new clan and help us grow our community on [PS4] or [XB]?

We are looking for clan founder's so if your interested pm me for more information.

My IGN's are DarkenPrime on [PS4], [PC], [XB1] & [NSW] Mo999.

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