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Lore Bestiary Aka Tenno Archive War Room.


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Is it possible to maybe add a virtual bestiary or Tenno Archives log for us to see all the enemy units and warframes as we unlock them and maybe even add lore in later on? If that could be possible it could be accessed as an archive room in the dojo so the dojos can have more use. What do you guys think?


It would have to be a specialized battle theather based room where all tenno would plan strategies and combat tactics with fellow tenno and as such the main center table would have massive space so you could see all data on enemies the Clan members have discovered, weapons, Warframes and all around lore.


As you look into the digital models if could be treated as a manue screan for you or put him up on the battle theater for other tenno to see and have the Lotus give us the enemy unit or boss's story.

(think of Mass Effect's codex)


Warframes would be unlocked as they hit rank 30 so there will be a reason to level all the way up.


This way the Dojo will see a lot more use and be more willingly entered too.



Still working on the details but please let me know what you think.

If you wish look here at the Warframe that I designed to work with the battle theater/archive room



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