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Various improvement ideas

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To start, this isn’t going to be a post about overhauling existing mechanics or putting forth new weapons or warframes, rather a few little things to improve lore and the game experience itself. 

So, let’s start with lore. Minor ideas, easily executed. 

The Assassins (Stalker, Grustrag Three, and Zanuka) Introduce fragments into the drop table, deciphered by completing their scans, that unlock a short story about a victory against another tenno or a back story to fill in the gaps. I’m thinking in a fashion similiar to the Queen’s poem from collecting Kurias, possibly with a similar reward structure.

Orbiter Radio Add a few dialogue lines of intercepted transmissions from Darvo & Clem, Maroo and a buyer, and maybe Baro tsk tsk-ing over a random tenno’s fashion choices and apparent “peasant-ness”

Cephalon Simaris Add some more synthesis targets (it’s been awhile) like the sentients. Would love to get some lore nuggets from when they first attacked, or when we joined the fray.

Now the game experience, centered around a subject near and dear to my heart; The clan Dojo.

Temple of Honor It’s a much mentioned topic that yet to recieve a solution, the central statue. Loki, one of THE O.G.s has been with us since the room was created. But, many of us would like to change him out. I’m putting forth being able to change it to one of the other existing available statues, or any that come after. Rhino from most relays, Ember from the community built one, Oberon from Maroo’s, maybe Excal Prime from the Orokin Vault even. Just sayin

The Oracle The other dead horse. Just giving it one more swing here but, it really needs a purpose. My idea is thus; use it to have clans be able to replay past events and tacital alerts. No leaderboard, but add to the clan and player profile (simulated) next to the operation score. Allow the clans a chance at event rewards, and holographic trophies (similar to what’s already in the oracle room). Newer players and clans missed out on some of the best moments of warframe history, let them experience it.

Expanded Decorations Really simple here. Just release more currently in game assets. Perfect example here. Go to any standard relay and you’ll see the equivalent of a street light. It’s a post, topped with a circle with a built in light. That thing, and others like it, is exactly what I’m talking about. 

Concept Room(s)

Lunaro Stadium Lunaro itself is actually a fun side game, it’s the match making that’s murder. Give us a in dojo stadium that allows us to work towards our pvp scores in some fashion whether home or away. It’ll give clans and alliances more ways to do challenges and/or giveaways as well as potentially increase player reason to visit dojos beyond trade and research.

Warlord Room/Decoration Give Warlords, or those of sufficient rank, a terminal style decoration or room to set goals or challenges for the clan. Allow donations of any tradeable item as well as credits or platinum as rewards for meeting goals or winning challenges. Right now most of us rely on discord or something similar to do this and at times is difficult to relay them due to time or schedule differences.

Lastly DE, make relics sellable at the relay for a reduced amount of ducats. I know I’m not the only player with hundreds of them and will never be able to trade or unlock all of them. Give us a range of 1-5 for unrefined or something.


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