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Am I The Only One That Cannot Move Around While Downed ?


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I was unable to for the past week! I think that it fixed for me when 10.0.4 updated. 

I was also unable to turn around to shoot enemies while downed. It's actually quite a bad bug...!

a bad bug thats gone unnoticed for a bit to long now

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Expected operation when downed;

- able to crawl slowly "backwards"

- no lateral or strafe movement possible

- have a 180 degree firing arc

- access to only your secondary weapon

- cannot turn around when downed


Sometimes terrain will prevent you from being able to crawl.  Any terrain bug/glitch applies here.

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It's kindov intermittent. I generally can't move at all at first, but if I keep fiddling with my keys I can generally find a way to wiggle a little bit. My larger annoyance is that half the time I get downed, it immediately turns me 180 degree's around so I can't attack who downed me. That coupled with the inability to move around to get a proper angle makes things pretty annoying.

When getting downed by enemies, the "180 rate" is about 50/50. When I accidentally blow myself up with my Ogris, its 100%.

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They fixed the crawling bug mostly back in as far as I'm concerned. It's back to how it was pre U10.

Basically, crawling has a limited range - you can only crawl backwards, and you can't seem to crawl at more than a 15 degree angle, so if you need to turn around while trying to back up, turn around slowly.

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