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[Help Request @ Mercury] Lfm Captain Vor Boss Farming


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Who: Captain Vor

What: Boss Farming

Where: Mercury Planet

When: Daily, anytime from 1230 to 2300 in GMT-4 timezone

How Often: Each run should be ~20 minutes or less, tops

Why: Improve skill, learn group and solo tactics/tips by doing it, prepare to join a clan eventually, learn to conserve ammo better, become a better player.


Long version:

I'd love to farm this boss to get some in-game tips on how to beat him effectively with a Mag without running out of ammo like I usually do.

PUGs are terrible so meh.

Poke 'Xenrax' in game if you would like to help.

I'm usually online anywhere from 1230 to 2300 in the GMT-4 timezone.

If you want to poke me a message on the forums here, feel free to do so. Thank you.

To answer the below poster (since I can't reply for some reason), I'm using the starter rifle/pistol/sword with very basic Level 0 or w/e mods.


Please don't post if all you'll say is 'L2P scrub' or other trolling crap. Such posts will be ignored and reported. Good day.

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