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New Warframe Idea, The Incubus


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The Incubus is a mid to close range Hellion bent on destroying all in its path.

First level:

Armour: 40

Power: 125





First ability: Torment

Incubus impales a single enemy with a forked chain charged with energy. if the energy is enough to kill the hooked victim there body explodes sending a hail of parts in all directions damaging nearby foes. 

Effected by focus and stretch for radius of blast and chain length.

Second Ability: Flight

Incubus extends bio-synthetic wings allowing it to gain up to three additional jumps the length of the time the wings stay created is timed to be extended by continuation and stretch for jump height.

Third ability: Essence Feed

crouching down and lungeing forward clinging to its nearest victim the incubus sucks part of the soul recovering some health and shields. Effected by Focus.

Final ability: Hellstorm

A pentagram forms under Incubus and at the tip of each point a rift opens sending out a chain to pull in any nearby enemy. victims killed by this explode sending out a cone of body parts and bone shrapnel impaling any foe hit. Effected by Stretch, Continuity and focus.

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