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Warframe Skill/power Viability


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I don't know if there is already a thread discussing things I am about to point out and, if there is I would appreciate it if someone would point it out to me but here are some things that I feel the designers should look at.

Warframe powers; No this thread will not be a rant about how some powers should be nerfed or improved. 
Mostly I want to discuss the intention and design behind warframe powers. For example are all the powers of the warframes intended to be equipped or was it really their intention to have players only use 1 - 2 powers max on a frame?


I raise this question because I feel that a lot of the time powers tend to be counter productive and overall not worth it and, I am confused as to why this is the way it is. Take Frost's powers as an example when did you last equip a skill other than Snow Globe and or Avalanche? I mean don't get me wrong I am not saying that the 2 other skills suck but, wouldn't you rather stuff a mod in their slots and not use them at all? Same goes for a lot of the warframes and their powers not just frost. Loki for example, when did you last use Loki's ultimate and thought "wow im glad I used my ulti that really helped me out" instead of thinking "Hmmm... why use that 100 power skill when I can just use my invi twice and kill everything?". I feel like most of the powers are just for cool effects now and don't really impact the gameplay all that much as compared to maxing out a mod or Formaing a weapon.  


With that said I would like an explanation and or an alternative to this mindset when it comes to powers. I want the powers that make my warframe unique to actually have an impact in the game and not just tossed in the mod pile never to be used again.

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