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Tenno Of The Wind W/ Bg Story, Weapons. And Abilities


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I hope you enjoy my weird creativity. Rather quite long but I can see this as a trailer with a bit of dubstep or rock in the background as it beats the S#&$ out of the enemies.

Well here goes... :)


Tenno of the Wind


A strange occurrence happened in the north-western depths of the mountains on Earth. As the Grineer are drilling the excavation site for another setup of their bases, immeasurable weather patterns appeared. The winds are howling, the skies turned violently gray, and the living creatures scurry away from the area. The faction group stopped what they are doing and figure out what is going on. The mountains shook with terror as the dark clouds of the sky formed together into a hurricane. There was darkness for a moment and then the terror began. Lightning struck the area disabling all equipments like an EMP. The heavy rain flooded into the site wiping away the Grineer who didn't react fast enough to hold their ground, shoving away the drilling machines, the lab and technical equipments. Everything that can't withstand the force of the roaring waters. At that moment, they recollect their thoughts and readied their weapons and turrets and held their position, firmly as possible, since they see a body-like silhouette within the center of the hurricane. As the tip of the hurricane softly touched the ground, thunder appeared and struck the centered area of the site. The hurricane then pulled in the enemies. Those who failed to stay rooted to where they are to survive were violently sucked into the hurricane, a giant deadly vacuum. Spinning around helplessly higher into the air, the helpless were shoved around colliding with their allies and the equipments that were also sucked in. Pain was everywhere and the speed of the storm cause the Grineer to lose breath as there is no oxygen. The Scorpion Grineers launched their hooks to their allies to bring them back to the ground. However, to no avail, they, too, were sucked in and their swords are in the air slashing everything at random. The hurricane turned red. Dark red. At that instant, the silhouette revealed itself to be an entity controlling the storm and it stretched out its body and the hurricane exploded causing the enemies and equipments and swords to be pushed out of the center causing some to be impaled to the surfaces of the mountains, cliffs, some into the air only to be paralyzed once hitting the ground floor, swords traveling at such great speed piercing through enemies until digging deep into the faces of the mountains. A great loss for the Grineer within the area. The entity then revealed itself. A Warframe. With stunning beauty but an aura of death. Summoning the gusts and storm; it is the Tenno of the Wind. The soldiers who survived the outburst of the hurricane grabbed their weapons to join with their allies who stayed rooted to the ground only to surround the Tenno. Seconds only seemed like hours, as she just stood there with no impulse to move and evade. Rifles, swords, turrets, and all weapons were aimed at her; Target in sight. Within a second, they opened fire unleashing their revenge for their fallen allies. The Tenno was then gracefully lifted off of the ground and a veil of some invisible force surrounds her and her body spinning slowly as she rises higher off the ground then with a quick reaction, spun wildly to deflect the incoming projectiles and sending them towards the Grineer. Many were sliced, shot, exploded, and they never seized to stop and retreat. More reinforcements came in with more bigger weapons and swords at the ready. She did not run or walk towards them, but glided at the Grineer with such blinding speed with her weapons at the ready. She took out what seemed like two bladed fans and sliced through the incoming waves and she then stopped and was set back to the ground. Surrounded again and looking around trying to see an open space to push through, she was trapped however. Her body then spun around left and right causing her fans to slice through and those who weren't within the blades' range were struck by a wind-like projectile throwing them in to the air or rag dolled into the walls. She cleared her path and aimed for the ones in charge of the excavation site. A Captain and an Lieutenant standing next to each other observing her moves and figuring out what just happened. As she locked onto them, she kneeled to the ground and pushed off, gliding once again towards them. The Tenno shoved back her enemies blocking her way and she spun horizontally with her fans in the air slicing the familiar bodies of the Grineer. Nearing her targets, she jumped off a Grineer's head, lifting her off higher into the sky. The radiance of the sun blinded those who are under her because the sun's rays were reflecting upon her suit. This was her chance. She took out a stack of cards. She then threw them from her hands causing them to split into smaller shard-like pieces spreading everywhere to clear again a path for her. She eyed the two Grineers in charge and unleashed a barrage of cards onto them. The trajectory speed increased because of gravity bringing them down so they had no chance to evade. However, the Lieutenant stepped in front of the Captain as a shield letting the Captain escape. The Lieutenant was shredded into into pieces and left with a puddle of blood. Failing to kill the Captain, she glided towards him to close in some distance but was suddenly brought to the ground as some the Scorpions latched out their hooks. Bringing her into the ground she becomes farther away from the Grineer. Trapped looking hopeless. But she never gave up as she then summoned the winds to slice through the ropes of the hooks setting her free once again. She then repeated her slashing ability to give her some space between her and the enemies. She controlled the winds to lift her off into the air for the last time. The Captain running towards his ship probably to report in and call in reinforcements to the main ship, slowed down as he sees a shadow on the ground growing bigger. He stops and turns around towards the sun only to see a silhouette of the Tenno and at a glimpse, sees a weapon aimed at him. The Tenno has the Captain in sights of her crossbow and triggered the arrow. Spinning with such force and speed it pierced through the head of the captain. He fell to his knees and blood stained his armor. As the objective was reached, she called in on her final performance. Calling in all other available Tennos within the area to aid her. Now, they faced their biggest battle yet as more and more Grineer ships descended down to the site. Fiercest battle yet.



- Reisa -

- Tenno of the Wind -






1. Aeroblade


Able to slice in a 360 through enemies within range and are then pushed back with a wind-like projection into the wall and air.


(Inspiration: Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach with his signature technique. Getsuga Tenshou. A howling wind projectile emitting from his blade.)


2. Deflect


Summons the wind to be used as a veil around her and then spins around to deflect back all incoming projectiles faster with the wind.


(Inspiration: Neji Hyuga from Naruto with his Clan Technique: Rotation. Able to deflect anything as his chakra serves as his rotating shield.)


3. Windbreaker


An aura buff to all alles. They glide with an increased movement speed and are able to avoid collision with obstacles and enemies are damaged by the slicing wind as you move.

(small damage as this is mainly a utility)


4. Eye of the Storm


Dashes everywhere within the area. Hidden at a center in a small version of a hurricane hitting anything in her path, slicing through, and emitting small wind-like projectiles in all direction. At the same time the enemies are sucked closer to the hurricane to greater damage many of them.


(Inspiration: Kiba and Akamaru from Naruto with their personal technique: Fang Passing Fang (Getsuuga). With added touches of slicing and the projectiles and the gravity force.)



--Personal Weapons--


Primary: Crossbow – Ishi
Weapons Damage Type: Physics Impact


A big crossbow with no arrows in quiver, but comes in with a bracelet that emits an energy-like arrow. Slow to reload but the arrow is launched at blinding speed. May leave a light trail because of it energy.



Secondary: Throwing Cards (May be changed.) – Baraja

Weapons damage type: Serrated Blade


The name is self-explanatory. Throw like Gambit from X-Men! Although with a little touch that one card thrown will split into 3.


Cool animation if putting elemental mods:

Each of the 3 cards will have one of the elemental mods


1st card – fire

2nd card – ice

3rd card – armor piercing or normal




Melee: dual bladed fans – Tessen

Weapons Damage Type: Armor Piercing


Bladed fans that are capable to decapitate anyone in its path. Small, light and versatile makes it easy to maneuver around.


Normal attacks:

Swing diagonally >> swing horizontally in opposite directions (like a charged attack w/ dual weapons) >> crosscut upwards for the final move. All moves are in wide arcs

Three targets max.


Charged attacks:

Spin in a 360 wide arc. Hit those in front, back, and sides. Are then pushed back by a little.



Stagger in a very small radius cuz they're fans.



rotate fully in a 360 and as a result hit multiple enemies

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