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How Do I Advance Through The Game?


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Currently I'm at the second planet.


When I try to play in a squad; 90% of the time the host is lagging and all the enemies are teleporting and stuttering, which makes for a terrible playing experience and death out of nowhere.


When I try to play solo; the missions take up to 45 minutes, bosses are impossible to kill because I run out of ammo and their shield regeneration is insane (and I don't have the materials to craft any restore kits yet). The regular enemies outnumber, surround and then kill me sooner or later at least once per mission.



It's obvious this game was designed around multiplayer, but it doesn't work if 9 out of 10 hosts are laggers.

I already tried lowering the ping limit, but I can't find anyone to party with that has 100 ping or less.



So, what am I supposed to do?


Just keep grinding and redoing older missions solo at a snail's pace?

Or keep partying with random laggers; having to forfeit most of the time, and then getting killed by the stalker when I do find a good host or can host myself, because my forfeit rate is too high?

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If the Clan thing isnt to your liking, You can always go to recruiting and see if they will let you leech a little bit. Just follow a squad through a really high level area, That will pump your levels up pretty quick, allowing you to do more on your own. If they won't take you, I will.

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